Sunday, 1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

So I started typing up this post yesterday on New Year's Eve, but procrastination took over and it's now become my first post of 2017. When I reflect back on 2016, it is one of those years where you look back in disbelief with all the events that happened, starting with David Bowie and Alan Rickman, ending with George Michael and Debbie Reynolds with a huge dosing of Trump in the middle. But let's not focus on the world's events as shoddy as they've been because while I've been quiet on the blog front, a few amazing things have been happening to me. So sit back with a glass of champers, kick your feet up and welcome to my roundup of 2016.


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Treating myself pho sure..

London has got incredibly colder over the last few weeks and winter feels like it's well on its way. I even woke up to Jack Frost's handiwork on the car and grass! It's days like these where I want to wrap up in my duvet with my heating on safe in the comfort of my own home, but unfortunately work calls and life goes on. My office for the day was in central London recently, not too far from Shaftesbury Avenue and to cure me of some winter blues, I stepped into Pho & Bun for some warming pho.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Beijing, China: Photo Diary for the first 24 hours

It took nearly a 10hr flight to get to one of the most famous cities in the world. As soon as I got off the plane, 30 degree C heat whacked me straight in the face reminding me I wasn't in London anymore. A place where I have an incredible lack of knowledge for the language, but I know how to eat their dishes. The country is home to over ONE BILLION people, and I'm heading to it's capital, the same place that held the 2008 Summer Olympics, and will host the 2022 Winter Olympics. I

Yup.. I'm in Beijing, China!
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