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DIY: 52 Reasons Why I Love You

Hi lovelies,
On Sunday 25th May 2014, the other half (OH) and I celebrated 2 years of being together in a relationship. I really do not know where the time has gone, but time flies when you're having fun right?
A lot of my friends and family (in fact, pretty much all of them) are quick to point out how mean I am to the OH, and from hearing this on a near constant basis, our 2 year anniversary was an easy way of making it up. Now the OH is just a difficult person to buy presents for though I think I have just been gifted with the inability to buy presents for anyone in general. All past presents i.e. Christmas and birthdays have nearly always been a bottle of perfume that I've picked up from the high street and I have since learnt in the two years we've been together, he goes through a 100ml bottle within a month or less pretty easily. He will spritz it all over himself when getting ready in the morning not too dissimilar to an A-Lister preparing for a red carpet event - absolutely barmy! So this year, some brain wave-lightbulb moment came to me, albeit when blow drying my hair. Some people get their genius ideas in the shower. I get them when blow drying my hair. Typical!

So after being branded "The World's Worst Girlfriend", followed quickly by "The World's Meanest Girlfriend" and other such affectionate titles, it occurred to me to think that maybe the OH thinks I'm actually pretty mean. Yes we joke about it all the time, but if he actually thinks that, I would be mortified! Time to make it up then..

Now some of you may have heard of the DIY project "52 Reasons Why I Love You" (check this link here if you haven't), but I hadn't before I embarked on it - it just turned out like that. The 52 reasons inspiration came from years ago when a science teacher gave me a box of "52 Amazing Science Experiments". I did consider doing 104 reasons (the whole 104 weeks = 2 years thing) but when you start writing reasons, you kinda get stuck so 52 it was.

If you are following the 52 Reasons DIY project, most people use a deck of playing cards - this is where I put my own spin on this...

Coincidentally, while I was thinking about this project, Sprinkle of Glitter published a blog post suggesting we should use the phrase "I love you BECAUSE" rather than "I love you" as it gives more definition to what you are saying. This hit me hard and made me think. We say "I love you" all the time to the point where it can sometimes lose the meaning, but if you add "because", what you are saying becomes entirely different and I wanted to incorporate this into my DIY project

1. Go to Boots and use their photo self service machines...

Boots Photo Machines will print out 4 photos on a standard 6x4 inches photo if you select the correct options. I do them on their Kodak self service machines which can be found at a few Boots store, not just the big ones - and they make the perfect mini photos that can be easily cut out and stuck up around the place. They are also instant photos which means they are printed off within minutes of selecting "complete" ready for you to take plus the receipt to the counter to pay. Plus because there are 4, 52 photos means it comes out on 13 sheets of paper - brilliant, and all for around £7 making this DIY project rather cheap and cheerful.

2. Armed with the print outs, you need to grab a pair of scissors and cut the mini photos out...

3. Grab the following items:

4. Create one or two little holes in the top of your photo with the hole punch. 

5. Flip over the mini photos and start writing "I love you because" followed by your reason...

6. Thread a piece of ribbon through one hole and all the way round until through the second hole... 

7. Make sure you leave enough space so you can flip through the book without it being restricted by the ribbon...

8. And there you have it! The LDNgirl788's take on 52 Reasons Why I Love You DIY project - 

  • Boots Kodak instant photo machines are identifiable by their bright yellow screens. Not to be confused with the blue versions which takes at least 1 hour developing time
  • These machines have some old software. I used these when I had an iPhone 4 and they worked fine with the USB cable. Now that I have an iPhone 5, it does not recognise it and meant I had to download the photos onto a SD card before I could print them out
  • Instagram photos do not come out well on these as Instagram photos are square in shape, and these are rectangle so half of your photo gets cut off
  • If you have a singular hole punch, you may get greater accuracy where to punch your holes
  • Consider using a key ring instead of a ribbon. As you can see, my bow tying skills are not quite there and a key ring would be a bit neater. If I could, I would have used a keyring from Paris and a keyring from Barcelona (the two places we've been together) and used it instead of a ribbon. 
Hope you have fun making this cute little DIY project!



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