Monday, 19 May 2014

Food: Cafe Viena, Barcelona

When a friend of mine heard that I was visiting Barcelona, she insisted I eat at Cafe Viena on Las Ramblas proclaiming that it was the best ham sandwich she has ever eaten. Bit of an exaggeration? Clearly not considering that none other than Mark Bittman of the New York Times also claims, "it's the best sandwich I've ever had" in this article. Guess it's definitely worth a try then and see what the hype is all about. 

Yes, I brought out my TripAdvisor app for this place, and TripAdvisor rankings at time of writing, it currently stands at  #619 out of 5633 restaurants in Barcelona and was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2013. Our hotel being located on Las Ramblas meant that we were in walking distance of the cafe and was the perfect spot to grab some lunch.

It's a cafe that you will easily walk by if you have not heard of it and is one that does not stand out from the rest. Unlike many of the other food places down Las Ramblas, there is no server outside trying to entice you inside with their menu and products which is actually quite pleasant. Of course, the only reason why we knew about this place is from a friend's recommendations so off we went inside.

AddressRambles, 115BarcelonaSpain (El Raval)
Website: (Only available in Spanish or Catalan)


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