Thursday, 22 May 2014

Food: El Callejón, Barcelona

With our hotel being located down Las Ramblas and having experience a terrible meal at a nearby restaurant, it was time to check out TripAdvisor for recommendations on what to have to make it for it. Having also not yet had the chance to check out the Gothic Quarter, I wanted to find a restaurant that incorporates both - a good meal and located in the Gothic Quarter, and El Callejón is what we found. 

Ranked #88 of 5633 restaurants in Barcelona on TripAdvisor based on 348 reviews at time of writing in early May, it sounds like I could not really go wrong, so off we went to explore. It is located on a narrow dead end of the Gothic Quarter, and considering the name "El Callejon" translates into "alley", "dead end" or "street of no return", it seems rather apt if not slightly daunting.

Upon entering, you are immediately met by the bar and further down is a seating area for around 15 to 20 people which makes it a small and cosy restaurant in a nice setting. A football game was on and the server asked us whether we wanted to watch it - being with the OH, our answer meant an automatic yes and was shown to a table near the screen. Of course this meant that the OH'S eyes were pretty much fixated on the game whereas I was more interested in the menu.

The restaurant is dimly lit adding to the atmosphere and the menu is available in a number of European restaurants including English , and with a server that speaks fluent English made us feel a little more at ease.

The menu itself is relatively basic, offering a number of tapas and main courses and there is definitely something you will like and is kind to your pocket. Tapas if you do not know already, are small dishes served either hot or cold, of different varieties ranging from vegetarian to seafood and is the Spanish way of life. Typically, many people order a number of tapas together that will act as their meal and forego a traditionally main course as per seen in many London restaurants. I personally think its the Spanish answer to the Chinese's dim sum haha! I love this type of food because it means you can experience different foods for not that much. The tapas here ranging from €1.75 for bread with tomato (a typical Catalan dish) to €7.50 for a small portion of iberico ham, but mainly around the €4 to €5 per tapas. 

Following our server's recommendation, we also had the grilled "entraña", an Argentinian steak cut served with a small salad and potatoes coming in at €12.50. We both shared this dish and found it enjoyable. The experience was lovely, the sangria was delicious and the atmosphere relaxing. What better place to go for dinner while in the Barre Gotic? 

AddressCarrer Ample 33 bis o Carrer Gignas 10-12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


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