Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beauty: Hot Pink Lips

As soon as the sun hits town and stays around for more than just a couple of hours, all the girls break out in the summer colours. Move over spring time pastels, it's time for the bright lights to take centre stage.  Neon is coming back into trend namely on our nails but it is not the only bright summer colours that we're wearing. It's all over us from our clothes to our make up and hot pink lips are no exception. 

This was my go to lips when out in Barcelona and made my outfit pop. I absolutely love it and it's so simple and easy to recreate. It's great if you just need an extra something to your outfit so fellow ladies, muster up the courage and try my take on the hot pink lips. 

1 Grab your hot pink items... 

In this case, I am using Maybelline's Baby Lips in Pink Punch - thank you for finally hopping across the pond to the UK shores - as well as Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in 220 Showy.

2. Start with a bare faced pair of lips...
(Muah, muah)

3. Make sure you condition and moisturise your lips... 

I went by slathering on a layer of the Carmex cherry moisturising lip balm. The Baby Lips are a little bit moisturising but why turn down the extra moisturising and the bonus of the SPF15 in the Carmex?

4. Smack on your Pink Punch...

You can leave it here as the Pink Punch does give a lovely pink tint to your lips and is also buildable upon layer after layer if you wanna go brighter.

5. Swipe on the Showy on your lips...

I love how it is a crayon giving a little more precision when swiping on your lips, and I do quite like the minty smell of it too!

And there you have it - hot pink lips the LDNgirl788's style - Perfect! 

Your lips are now summer ready! 


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