Sunday, 29 June 2014

Life Through My iPhone: Week 7

Wowzas. Where has the time gone? This is the last week of June already and in two days time, it'll be July! In 6 months time, we would have already celebrated Christmas - there's a thought for you!
Anyhoos, another Sunday, another post of my week in photos...
Clockwise from top left:

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament: I see this London landmark pretty every day of work and it's so surreal to think that I work within minutes of it. My place of work is changing in a couple of months time so thought I'd snap this picture while I still can

Joe's Southern Kitchen: Went here with friends on Saturday evening... anyone care for a "Suarez"??

Ballerina Statue: Thought this was super pretty. It's in Covent Garden by Broad Street and the Royal Opera House is relatively close by - rather apt I thought. Can you spot my two crazy friends by the phone boxes??

Benefit Chair: Wandered to the Benefit pub after eating dinner at Joe's and fell in love with this chair. If I ever make it big in the blogging world, I am totally buying this chair. 
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