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Travel | Throwback | Antalya, Turkey

All over Instagram and Twitter on a Thursday, social networkers participate in Throwback Thursday where they post a picture of something memorable that happened to them a few years ago. Instead of posting a photo, here's a blog post reminiscing about the time I went to Antalya, Turkey.

 In April/May 2013, one of my best friends and I decided to go on holiday together and the destination we chose was Antalya, Turkey. I have known this person since Year 7, though not properly until Year 9, which is still over 10 years of friendship and counting so needless to say, we've been through a lot together.

I was most impressed at getting her to come out to Turkey considering she had been to Istanbul only three weeks before! The holiday itself was a bit of an impromptu trip, spur of the moment and a last minute deal having booked the holiday probably two weeks before we actually arrived in Turkey which meant we did not have to wait for ages until we left rainy ol' England.
We booked our holiday through Flight Centre travel agents and we found out that a lot of beach type of holidays are all inclusive, so we got a 5* all inclusive resort in Turkey for about £371 per person, which included the flights, the accommodation and 20kg of hold luggage. The hotel we stayed at was Majesty Mirage Park Resort in Kemer and being all inclusive, meant that we did not have to worry about food or anything. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

One massive bonus of the resort was the unlimited free bottled water that you can help yourself to. Dotted around the communal areas i.e. by the pool side bars, the restaurant and everywhere are fridges that stocks a healthy supply of bottled water. This made sure we stayed hydrated constantly which was great as we were out in the sun pretty much all day every day. 

The resort is obviously catered to tourists and something that made our stay pretty fantastic was the massage service on site. This came extra, but you could choose to use their sauna and steam room for free which we did in plenty. While in Turkey, we chose to opt for a traditional Turkish Hamman which was a new experience but something definitely to try out if you have never done so before - definitely one of the highlights of Turkish tourism. Antalya airport must be super warm all year round if one of their terminals is partially based outside!

By the time we had arrived to our hotel room, it was 10pm and pretty dark hence the rubbish lighting. By morning, we had thrown our clothes and luggage everywhere so this was the best photo of our hotel room that I was going to get!

Chilling by one of the two outdoor swimming pools in the rest and getting my tan on.

I am pretty sure this part of Turkey has never seen a cloud! Have you every seen bright blue skies with no clouds every day? It's so warm there's lots of palm trees outside!

Far too hot to even bother with make up! Not sure why I look so grumpy/moody here!

I have now learnt not to disturb a particular friend when she is playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS - it just results in me getting pushed off the bed!

Did say we threw our clothes everywhere haha!


I'm just happy I got a stamp in my passport haha!

Have you been on a beach/pool side holiday? 
Do you prefer them to the city breaks? 
Which destination has been your favourite to just chill at? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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