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Beauty: MW Nails Spa Pedicure - The aeroplane themed nail salon

There is a relatively new nail salon that has opened up in Spitafields near Liverpool Street station in London that is like none other. For starters, it's aeroplane themed. For seconds, it was a fantastic first time spa pedicure experience I have had. So when my friend messaged me about it, and the weather was beckoning me to wear open toed sandals, 50% deposit and a week later, we found ourselves at MW Nails ready for our in flight treatment. 
MW Nails can be found on the edge of the famous Spitafields market, a short distance away from Liverpool Street station, and first impressions was that it was a lot smaller than I expected. But after spending about a good 10 minutes trying to decide what nail polish colour I wanted on my tootsies, (I am pretty sure the place stocks every colour of Essie and OPI nail colour under the sun), we were led downstairs where the spa pedicure and a few more manicure stations were housed. 
My toes were feel a little less loved than my upper digits, so I opted for the Tokyo Toes pedicure which is their signature pedicure involving a shape and buff of your nails with cuticle work, massage, moisturiser, hot towels and choice of polish. They also remove any hard skin (this bit tickles if you're anything like me) and use an amazing apricot smelling foot scrub to remove any dead skin cells. They also throw in a foot massage, all within 30 minutes at £29. I love how their treatments are named after destinations - in case you were wondering, Nassau is in Barbados, and Manhai is in China. Of course if you are looking for the elegant French manicure with white tips and all, what better name to call it than French Descent which is a £10 surplus to your choice of manicure or pedicure.

I absolutely love how authentic the airplane chairs are and the concept of the nail salon. I mean, have you ever thought of combing an aeroplane and a nail salon together? Genius! According to their website, the chairs, the windows and the side of the aeroplane are actually old stock from a Boeing airplane which simply adds to the amazing experience. 

Looking crazy happy and excited at the prospect of having a pedicure!!

My first time using a pedicure spa jacuzzi thing! And it was exciting! I was like a little child on Christmas Day in the salon - my friends will vouch for this! Everything simply excited me from the bubbles to the hot towels to ... well everything!

After soaking my feet in the spa, it was ready for a buff, file and some cuticle attention. As with all nail salons, you choose whether to have round or squoval nails and round was on the cards for my pedi.

Another gentle soak for my feet, they were then treated to some hot towels. Have you ever had these before? They are amazing. I'm pretty sure they are just two face towels sewed together and kept warm, but they felt so lovely on my feet!

I did come in sandals to the store, but of the gladiator kind which would cover my little toe when it came to painting. If you have sandals that have that toe separator a la flip flop style, then you can put these on and have your toes painted then. Otherwise, you get treated to some neon disposable flip flops. What a beaut. 

A piece of rolled up tissue gets threaded between your toes to separate them out and it's time for nail polish! Can you tell how much I was loving my experience from my face here?? 

The colour I decided on was this blue from OPI. It just stood out for me when I was choosing the colours plus the name made me laugh when I flipped the bottle upside down - "Can't Find My Czechbook"!

Pedicures done! Beautiful tootsies once more!!

And why not have an outfit of the day while I'm at it? Black skinny jeans with a white vest (both Primark) and this hot pink top from Apricot I have been loving recently. Flip flops courtesy of MW Nails.

Gorgeous friends waiting for nails to dry! One got a pedicure like me, and my other friend on the right (who I call Pocahontas) got a French manicure. You can sit in these chairs while waiting for your polish to dry.

Not sure what I was doing with my hair here and I know I look awkward, but it was the only decent photo that came out with Pocahontas!

All in all, we had a pretty fabulous time at MW Nails and would definitely visit again even if it is a little on the pricier side. Absolutely loved their pedicure and the spa treatment that came with it - 30 minutes of bliss. If you recommend a friend, you both get 500 MW miles i.e. £5 off your next treatment, and once you get 12 frequent flyer stamps in your passport (the loyalty card), you get 1500 MW miles i.e. £15 off your next treatment. Defo one to return back to then!

Address: Old Spitafields Market, 111B Commercial Street, London. E1 6BG
Telephone: 020 7247 0288
Email: spitafields@MWnails.com
Opening Hours: M&Tu: 10am-8pm, W,Thu&F: 10am-9pm, Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 10am-6pm
Have you been to MW Nails? 
What was your experience like? 
Do you go to nail spas/salons often? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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