Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beauty | Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick | [Shade 16]

A British make up brand like Rimmel is only going to have a collaboration with something quintessentially British and that came in the form of Kate Moss, the supermodel that has graced magazine covers and the catwalk. Kate Moss and Rimmel have paired together for some time now and this lipstick is one from the Kate Moss range with the Rimmel make up brand. Bring on Shade #16...

This isn't my first Kate Moss lipstick - the first being Number 107 seen in this blog post here - and while I was disappointed that the packaging has changed from the red to the black, (but I do like how Kate still has her signature on it), the lipstick itself is great. Shade numero 16 (don't you find it annoying when lipsticks don't come with a name and just a number?? Just me? Oh, okay..) is one that you can wear every day and very girl-next-door kinda colour. I love how its not full on glossy which makes it wearable and has an almost matte like finish. It's a beaut of a pinky colour and absolutely perfect for day time wear. 
As for the formula itself? Well, well, well. I personally think Rimmel has got it right with their Lasting Finish lipstick range - they are creamy and hydrating, and definitely does not dry out your lips. It practically glides on your lips as if it was an ice skater on clean ice which means you can pretty much apply it without a mirror. 
One thing I would say is make sure you exfoliate your lips and get rid of any dry scaly patches on your lips as this will highlight them in the same way any matte lipstick will. Sugar scrub it or toothbrush it to get rid of any flakes, apply this lipstick and wait for the compliments to come your way...

Have you tried any of the Kate Moss/Rimmel range?
What are your favourite shades?
Any you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!


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