Friday, 11 July 2014

Food: The Diner, Spitafields

After having our nails tended to at MW Nails in Spitafields and walking around the market, my friends and I were feeling pretty hungry and decided to pop into The Diner for a bite to eat. If you've never been to The Diner, there are a few of them located around London including Camden, Covent Garden Islington, Soho, Shoreditch, Gloucester Road as well as the Spitafields branch we headed to. It is an American style bar/diner serving everything from pancakes to burgers so of course we headed inside to fill our rumbly tummies.

Once entering there are a number of booths to eat at or you can choose to eat at the bar. The place was a little busy since we were there around lunchtime, but we didn't mind waiting at the bar and perusing over the menu before a booth freed up for us to perch our bums on. With the World Cup on, there is a speciality burger for whichever game was being played but since none of us are into the football, we gazed at the menu for some inspiration on what to eat.

Condiments anyone? Choose from ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salt and pepper --

The Original Hamburger was one of the options to eat... a "6 oz hamburger, lettuce, tomato, dil pickle, red onion and burger sauce" (£7.00)

I am such an indecisive person when it comes to food as I'm not so much of a picky eater and always wanting to try something I had not eaten before. For about a good 20 minutes to half an hour, it was up in the air between a burger (apparently the Diablo ranks quite highly in what people order here) vs a stack of pancakes or this. Do I get something that I cannot make at home or do I get something that's quite popular therefore should be quite good? I even had to ask our waiter for recommendations - it was that bad!! I ended up choosing the Loco Moco described as "dirty rice topped with a 6 oz burger patty, US cheese sauce, fried eggs, diner gravy and jalapeno" (£8.50) on the pure reason I have never had dirty rice and was probably something I could not make at home.

Personal thoughts? Not great. Honestly was a massive disappointment and food hardly ever disappointments me. It was such a shame because the burger patty was really yummy (totally ordering a burger next time I visit) but the rice had a funny taste to it and was just an overall disappointment. FYI - Dirty rice means rice with vegetables according to two different servers.  

Moving on swiftly... my other friend ordered the Juicy Lucy - "6 oz hamburger topped with St Louis pulled pork, monterey jack, coleslaw and dill pickle" (£8.70) - look how good that looks! Totally should have ordered the burger!!

On a completely side note, doesn't the Diner logo look like the NASA logo here??

None of the burgers came with any sides like fries so we had to order these separately. Between the three of us, we ordered two sets of fries and with nine different styles of fries to choose from, yes, NINE!, we opted for one chilli cheese fries (cheese and hot beef chilli) (£5.00) - think chilli con carne topped on fries with melted cheese on top - yum! 

And the other set of fries were the Hanger Fries - "cheese, smokey onions and burger sauce" (£3.75)  - just look at it!!

And of course I got a side of coleslaw (£2.60) - if anyone knows me, I adore coleslaw and is one of my favourite sides for food which normally means I nearly always end up ordering it if it's on the menu!

Look at all that food!! Nom nom nom...

Have you ever been to The Diner?
What's your favourite thing on the menu?
Any recommendations?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to check out The Diner, Spitafields branch, details are as follows:
Address: 4 Horner Square, London. E1 6EW
Telephone: 020 7377 0375
Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 8am to 11pm, Sat: 9am to 11pm, Sun: 9am to 8pm


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