Thursday, 17 July 2014

Food | Easter Figollis | Malta

Had I not stayed at a friend's place when I visited Malta, I don't think I would have experienced the art of making figolli - the Maltese traditional Easter treat they make stuffed with marzipan in different shapes. Whether you call them cakes, cookies or simply sweet treats, they are an amazing delight to make and an even better delight to eat!
On my last day in Malta, watching from the sidelines of the kitchen, I gazed in amazement how the whole family got involved. It didn't matter who you was, you had some sort of task allocated by the mom and each individual secretly has their own favourite shape to make their figolli. Figollis are made in different shapes ranging from rabbits to eggs and everything in between - basically if you can find a massive cookie cutter in your preferred shape or you have some crazy artistic skills, then you have a figolli shape to start off with. Traditionally filled with an almond marzipan stuffing, the beauty of this is that you can amend the filling according to taste. Neighbours would create their own figollis with their secret recipe and swap it with each other and the tradition continues for many years on.
Unfortunately I didn't ask for the recipe from my friend's family so cannot share it with you, however, you can find the recipe to make figolli easily on the internet if you want to try and make this at home. What you need to do if roll a sheet of cookie dough, use your cookie cutter and cut two of your desired shapes. Yes two, as you will spread the marzipan on one of them and place the other shape on top - a bit like making a sandwich. Make sure you preheat your oven, and in about 20 minutes until they are pale golden, place them on a cooling rack. You can either choose to eat them then once they're cooled, or grab your icing sugar and have fun decorating!

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