Thursday, 3 July 2014

Travel | Mosta Dome | Malta

Mosta Dome is a Roman Catholic Church and as the name suggests, is located within the Mosta province of Malta. Why am I blogging about a church you ask? Well this is no normal church. This church houses the 3rd/4th (this is varied all over the web so not entirely sure myself but it definitely ranks within the top 5!) largest unsupported dome in Europe, and coming confidently within the top 10 at number 9 when it comes to world rankings. So what other place to focus on during this week's Throwback Thursday?

Not only does it have one of the largest dome in the world, but the Mosta Dome is also famous for another reason. During World War 2, a 200kg bomb fell through the dome causing a huge scare to the 300 people who was waiting within for an early evening mass, and using the church as a bomb shelter. Expecting the worst, a miracle happen. The bomb did not explode. Whether it was a clear case of divine intervention or just a stroke of luck, the event has since been referred to as the "Mosta bomb miracle" whereby a replica of the bomb now features within the church on display. I unfortunately completely forgot about this/couldn't find it so therefore do not have any pictures of this replica.
Malta is famed for its Easter celebrations and its life size statues which feature in the processions, and dotted around the church were fine examples of these depicting the life of Jesus during Easter with amazing life-like details.

For a dome that large, the dimensions for it are equally impressive with its internal dome measuring 37.2m in diameter and the walls being nearly 9.1m thick. These statistics are incredible for the 21st Century, but considering this church was built in the 19th century in 1871 specifically, I can only imagine what reaction they had at the architect Giorgio Grognet de Vassé's creation.

AddressRotunda Square, Mosta, Malta, Mosta, Malta


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