Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Life | What's in my Handbag | 2014 Edition

So a few weeks ago, I posted this picture on Instagram (@londongirldiana) of my new bag I bought from Coach in their Regent Street store...

I was on a bit of a mission for a new bag as it is. My much loved Longchamp Le Pliage in red already had a hole, albeit a tiny one but a hole nonetheless peering up at me every time I opened the bag. It's such a versatile bag, lightweight and you can pack so much inside. There are various sizes for it, my personal one is the large size normally retailing for around £70, and comes in an amazing rainbow of colours. The best part? It folds down to next to nothing! However, having had it for two years and seen more than it's fair share of hard work, it was time for a new bag. 

Someone I know mentioned how much she loves handbags and the brand Coach, so putting one and one together, while down Regent Street, I found myself walking into their store. Not finding anything that was appealing to me on the ground floor, I wandered to their second floor where a coral bag caught my eye. Let's be practical here - I needed a bag that was going to act like a bin, hey, I mean in the sense it needs to be big enough to carry my day to day items and more - and ideally I wanted an across body strap. This one ticked all the right boxes, plus the coral colour was perfect for spring and summer, and added a pop of colour to an otherwise grey outfit that is my work uniform. 

So what do I carry inside it on a day to day basis?

1. A lot of my friends says I'm the most disorganised person going and I'm not going to disagree so this Filofax keeps me in check! I bought this a few years ago at uni but rarely was used, so I'm now brushing off the dust and using it again! It's the Breast Cancer edition so as well as keeping my (vaguely) organised, I'm helping beat cancer. Plus it's pink, how could I resist?
2. Not just something I carry in my bag, but simply everywhere is my iPhone 5c. It let's me blog on the go, take photos and play on apps as well as doing what a phone is supposed to - like take a phone call and send a message! 

3. Oh the most basic item I need comes in the form of pocket tissues, so much so I nearly always have two! My sister suffers from a year round cold (pretty sure there's something up with her sinuses) which means there's always some of these lying round the house which I can easily pop into my bag. The beauty of these is that you can easily purchase them in pound stores for about 10 in a pack! 

4. I'm not sure about you, but I always need hand cream! This one is from Etude House which I picked up from my recent travel to Hong Kong and comes in such a cute packaging. I normally also have the Nivea soft moisturiser - the white tube - but had no idea where I left it so it didn't quite make the picture! See, told you I was disorganised! 

5. Moving from hands onto lips means I need a lip balm to protect my lips from the ever changing weather of London Town. On a spur of the moment trip to Boots when my lips were crazy dry and I had no lip balm, I found the Blistex Moisture Max for when the lips feel as dry as the Sahara desert though I get more fascinated by the little blue beads that is added for extra moisture. For colour, I am currently loving the Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Punch" not only for it's amazing smell and taste but for the tinted colour too, a gorgeous pink! If I'm feeling bold, the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Crayon in Shade 220 "Showy" goes on top of my lips giving me a burst of hot pink on the lips - muah!
However I don't think any of these give me any SPF protection so as we're nearing summer, another trip to Boots may well be needed!

6. With the purchase of my Coach bag, the lovely sales assistant mentioned that they are giving away Coach purses with every purchase over £300. My bag came at just under, something like £270, but she popped it in my bag anyway - bonus! This little gem has a wrist strap so makes it less difficult to lose which is perfect for me, and is designed to hold your phone and cards as well as other small essentials. 

7. The strawberry-esque item is a foldaway bag which comes in so useful when I make an impromptu trip to the grocery store. It's super lightweight and can carry a fair amount, plus you're helping the environment at the same time. What's not to love? 

8. So I'm Chinese by ethnicity and I love the colour pink so let's use these as excuses as to why there are My Melody items in my bag - that's the cartoon rabbit thing, again something I picked up while in Hong Kong. One is a small purse I carry around that holds my business cards and loose change and the other is a little book which I use to carry all my cards such as store loyalty cards for Sainsbury and Boots. 

9. You can look nice but you gotta smell nice too girl, hence why I carry a little perfume atomiser (similar here) for a quick spritz here and there. 

10. I have tried enough hand sanitisers to know that the Soap and Glory Hand Maid simply wins hands down. It's the favourite amongst the office and rather than smelling pure alcoholic like what you get in hospitals, this has a lovely fresh floral scent to it. Marvellous. 

11. Back in the days when I had an iPhone 3G (those were the days!) I had a screen protector that was a mirror. Fast forward to two iphone generations later and the Beneft #BrowArchMarch cosmetic mirror found itself in my bag for all them touch ups. 

12. Keys. 'Nuff said. 

13. Hair ties. Because I always lose them and/or forget whether I have one in my bag already so I chuck another one in just in case. Very often on days when I wash my hair and I leave it down. 

14. iPod and Tinchy Stryder over the ear headphones. Because you need to block out the sounds of the London commute. You know what I mean! 

15. A pen. They always come in handy. Never need it when it's there, always need it when I forget it. Chuck it in the bag just in case I feel like doing the Evening Standard crossword. 


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