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Beauty | Birchbox | August 2014

Hello friends!

We've all heard about the beauty boxes that you pay a subscription for, and in return, you get a box full of beauty samples to try out on a monthly basis - sounds like a good idea non? They've been around for some time, and thanks to a Living Social coupon, I am now a Birchbox subscriber for the next six months starting with August 2014. The box came in the post the other day so let's get cracking on with this post!
First impressions? The box itself is a little smaller than I was expecting, but then I remember that I'm probably going to having samples rather than full size products and all was forgiven. What I quite like about Birchbox is that they send you an email to say your box is on the way which comes with a tracking code so you can see at what stage of delivery the box is - or in other words, how soon the box will land in your hands! 

Moving on, this month's box had the theme of "Away we go", which meant the products were packaged inside this cute transparent plastic bag which will be perfect for travelling! I received 5 beauty products and 1 lifestyle product:
Dead Sea Spa Magik | Refreshing Bath Shower Gel | £7.15 | Received: 25ml sample
I've heard of the Dead Sea, and I've heard of Dead Sea Spa but I've never tried any of their products. I haven't tried this yet but when I opened the sample tube, a bright blue gel oozed out! This has quite a pleasant smell to it, described by Birchbox as a "refreshing scent". I like the idea that this can be used as either a shower gel or a bath gel - multi purpose! 
Wild About Beauty | Powder Eyeshadow | £13 | Received: Full size product 2.5g in 01 Paradise
This was the only full size product received in this month's box and has such cute packaging - I mean purple box with a bee design imprinted on the shadow itself. This shade is a beautiful gold colour with a bit of shimmer, and contains a little mirror. Could see this being used in the Autumn or for the Christmas parties so quite pleased with this. 
Number 4 | Super Comb Prep & Protect | £20 | Received: 30ml sample
This monochrome packaged spray is a leave in conditioning spray is one to be used on damp hair, comb through before drying and styling, and meant to detangle and protect against heat and sun damage. The packaging itself doesn't shout wonders to me as I quite like bright colours so would not be one I'd pick up myself if I was browsing through a store. Ideally it would be great to have received this before the summer for the sun damage aspect, but be quite interesting to test out another brand and see how it fares.
Vasanti | BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator | £26 | Received: 20g sample
I personally haven't heard of this brand but always up for trying out any new face exfoliating cleanser! Working full time in London means I am faced with London pollution on a nearly daily basis and love the feel of a freshly cleansed face. While I haven't tried it yet, this appears to have micro beads and probably enough for at least a couple of uses.
Nude | Progrenous (TM) Omega Treatment Oil | £58 | Received: 5ml sample
This product was probably the one that excited me the most in the box - I've heard of the brand, mainly each time I venture into Space NK so to receive this and test one of their cult products is quite exciting. It's enriched with a crazy amount of omega oils namely 3, 6, 7 and 9 and the idea is to use a couple of drops after cleansing to achieve a hydrated and smooth skin. Face serums and face oils are so in at the moment so definitely interested in see how this feels. The sample size is crazy small so not expecting to see any results from it but considering that the full size is £58, this 5ml sample works out to be worth just under a tenner - bargain! 

The Proposal | By Tasmina Perry | £7.99 paperback | Received: Chapter 1 Sample
In contrast to the product above, this product was the one I was least disappointed by. I mean - how useful is it to receive Chapter 1 of a book is? I get how it is supposed to act as a teaser for the book itself but really? In all honesty, I don't think I'm going to even read it - if I do get into it, I want to read the whole book, so much rather find the whole book somewhere and read it all in one go. 

Have you ever subscribed to a beauty box?
What are your thoughts on beauty boxes?
Any good ones to subscribe to? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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