Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Beauty: Meeting Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup

So I've only been blogging since about May 2014 starting with a whole bunch of Barcelona posts, and it's not hard to learn that once you enter the blogosphere you effectively become a small fry in a very big techie ocean. With a crazy amount of blogs already out there and established, I did wonder whether it was worth contributing my thoughts and two cents. Ignoring all doubts I had for myself, I signed up for bloglovin', watch countless YouTube videos and vloggers as well as as many blogs as I can really. And I learnt pretty quickly that there are two gigantic, absolutely mahoosive established UK bloggers already in full force with both their blogs and vlogs, and if you're anything like me scouring all kind of social media, you will most definitely have heard of Lily of Lily Pebbles and Anna of Vivianna Does

I remember reading a few weeks back that these lovely girlies were doing a meet up twinned with a NARS eyeshadow promo event but unfortunately I didn't get a ticket to attend. So you can imagine my delight when they both announced they were doing another meet up but this time in the format of a picnic in the park! If you read between the lines, this meant no ticket and no restricted spaces - can I get a whoop whoop?!

Before I bore you all to sleep with my rambling, I'm gonna stop (at least try to) chinwagging and let the pictures tell the story instead.

But first, let me take a #selfie... 

Chocolate Danish pastries were being given out - om nom nom! Kudos to the baker

Wahhhh!! Snapshot with Lily and Anna! You can't tell (or at least I hope you can't) but I was seriously fan girling at this stage!

Not satisfied with just having a full length picture, I cheekily asked whether I could have a selfie with them - gladly they said yes otherwise I would look like a right muppet! 

As if it wasn't cheeky asking them for their individual selfies and seeing that they brought their other halves with them, I asked Lily whether I could get a selfie with Rich fully expecting the answer to be no and along the lines of he's totally camera shy and all. What happened instead was her grabbing my arm and pulling me towards Rich saying "Yes! Definitely!! He'll love it!" And that's how I even got a selfie with Rich and Mark! Rich declared that Mark's have, and I quote, "the world's longest arms!" So if you ever get a selfie with the boys, you know who to ask to take it! 

Just so you know - Lily, Anna, Rich and Mark are just some of the loveliest people you will meet. Their personalities that come across in their vlogs are really and truly who they are. Absolutely love how genuine they are - can I be one of your BFFs and meet up for coffee and all?!

I'm not even kidding.


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  1. That's so sweet! I recently discovered Vivianna and Lily and I CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH!

  2. Ah thank you Jaclyn! I was totally fan girling when I saw them haha! Any other bloggers that you love?


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