Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beauty | Mission to fall in love with Lush

On my way to, and my way from work, for the most of the time, I pass through London Victoria train station specifically the past that passes by Lush. If you have ever walked past a Lush store, you'll know that signature smell that wafts out of the door whenever you briefly pass it, their colourful window displays giving a peek of their huge rounds of soap moulds and fresh face masks, and how can I not include that amazing signature white handwriting on black chalkboard esque displays?? Yet, despite all of this, I have resisted temptation to walk inside. Until now. 

I've never been the hugest fan of Lush. Yes I have dabbled in their bath bombs with Avobath being a firm favourite of mine but not much else. I picked up Each Peach massage bar after loving the citrus smell of it but at £7 a pop, was about twice the price of a body lotion I could easily pick up in Boots. Charity Pot was another one I picked up once upon a time but wasn't a fan of the smell and felt it didn't anything amazing to justify it's price tag. So what made me venture inside Lush once more?

Each summer without fail I get insect bites. And they itch like a crazy cow. A biting insect would find me in the Artic Circle. The rest of my family suffers from hay fever. Me? Insect bites. I wanted something to relive the redness and the itch rather than the standard insect bite cream that smells and not doing much. This meant I picked up Dirty shower gel to use in the shower (duh!) as it has a tingly menthol feeling and smell to it which hopefully means it'll also soothe the current bites. Inside the bag also went Parsley Porridge, one of their soaps. I'm not a fan of soap as it's crazy drying on the skin (Bohemian totally stripped my skin of its natural oils - I know soaps are drying but this was on a whole new level) but I picked up Parsley Porridge because it had tea tree and some other stuff that meant anti bacterial properties so why not give Lush another try, a second chance, and see how I get on?

Now I know I'm not a fan of Charity Pot but apparently it's been reinvented, repackaged and rebranded to... New Charity Pot! Love it haha! And for £1 you get a small tin of the stuff with all profits going to charity. After all, it's only a £1 so in the bag it went. 

The other two little black tubs are samples of face washes the Victoria station kindly gave me to use and see whether I like it. The yellow one is Let the Good Times Roll, and the other is Ocean Salt - both exfoliants for the face, the latter being a little harsher than the other but the former having this amazing buttery popcorn smell which I'm falling slightly in love with...

So this is me trying to rediscover Lush and my mission to fall in love with it again. Worse comes to the worst, I'll just soak in my sorrows with an Avobath. 

I'll let you know how I get on. 


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