Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Beauty | Avon Haul

The other day at work something random happened. When talking to someone, I discovered she was an Avon rep and within a couple of days, the latest copy of the catalogue was dropped off and shared between all my colleagues. I've never bought anything from Avon and when I explained this, the rep was lovely enough to highlight great products in the catalogue that was worth buying or mentioning. Being new to Avon, I only picked up a few bits and bobs and this is what I purchased.

I cannot believe the sheer amount of products that Avon supplies! Flicking through the catalogue was overwhelming and had it not been for my rep, would not have a clue where to start. I could not believe at how affordable everything was which is great for anyone who is on a budget and wants some nice make up and what not.

Body Brush:
Having read Essie Button's blog post a few weeks ago about dry brushing, the thought of this have always niggled the back of my mind. The concept of brushing your body with a brush without any soap or water in long strokes towards your heart always seemed like a strange one but apparently it's meant to invigorate your skin, improve your circulation and reduce cellulite. Three amazing things from one body brush seems pretty cray cray but hey, if Avon is supplying one for £4, what's the harm in trying eh?

AeroVolume Mascara:
I am in need of a new mascara so picked this one up purely based on the description - yes I'm that superficial! A mascara that's "inspired by aerospace technology"? The product claims to lift lashes (great for me as mine tend to grow downwards) and boost volume as well as being waterproof. Not bad for £8.50

Magix Multi-benefit Illuminator:
This one I picked up quite randomly to be honest. I've got a whole bunch of contact lenses in my drawer that really needs to be worn, and I figured that if I dot this around my eye area and on my brow bone, and blur out the imperfections that my glasses normally hide, then maybe, just maybe, I can give the impression I am actually awake for work..

Pur Blanca Elegance EDT:
My favourite EDT's are on it's last legs, and I'm waiting until Christmas box sets/duty free to stock up on them again so in the meanwhile I plan to be using this one. At 50ml, it's a handbag friendly size and has notes of pear, sweet gardenia and amber with the aim of oozing elegance. Well a girl can dream right? Plus, it's currently on sale from £11 to £6 - whoop!

So that's my first Avon haul!

Have you ever shopped at Avon?
Any beauty purchases worth picking up? 
What's your favourite item(s) from Avon?

Let me know in the comments below!


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