Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Food: On The Rooftop of Selfridges With Q

Hello friends, how are we all?

All my siblings have grown up, graduated from university and entered the world of work, and just as luck would have it, everyone's work patterns collides with another. One Friday afternoon, the impossible happened. From about 4pm onwards, every single member of the family was available including the papa, so what better option there is to do than mingle and dine on the rooftop of Selfridges over a spot of afternoon tea?

Q Grill originally started up in Camden and until 11th October 2014, have taken over the rooftop of Selfridges serving breakfast and afternoon tea all the way through dinner under the concept of "raw, grill and smoke". The brain child behind Q Grill is Mr Des McDonald and for someone who's resume can boast being former Head Chef at The Ivy, you know the food is going to be good. 5 members of my family = 5 different dishes were ordered to share around including...

Roof Garden Afternoon Tea (£19.50)
  • Scones, clotted cream and jam - what a perfect match
  • Sandwiches and desserts anyone? Today's sandwiches were Egg Mayo | Tomato and Mozzarella | Smoked Chicken while the desserts consisted of meringue, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownie and fruit tart. 
  • And what afternoon tea would be complete without a pot of Earl Grey tea? Bellisimo. 

I have to say that afternoon tea at the Ritz is far better than afternoon tea at Selfridges Q Bar. Fair enough the Ritz's will set you back a little bit more in price, but the sandwiches and the tea are just a lot nicer. The Earl Grey served here was very bitter for my tasting, and the sandwiches were ones that tasted like not much effort went into the seasoning. Having said that, the scones and the desserts did go down well with the family and got the thumbs us from my clan. 

Fish of the Day (Whole Roasted Lemon Sole) (£24.00)

My older sister absolutely loved this. It was seasoned well and tasted extremely nice. Definitely worth getting!

Pit grilled ribs (whole rack) (£21.00) 

The meat on the ribs came off so easily and tasted beautifully. I'm not the biggest fan of ribs as there's hardly any meat on them but these were great.

Q Burger, Avocado, Smoked Cheddar, Club Sauce (£14.00)

From the bit I had of the burger, really quite nice. The guacamole had a tangy taste to it which I liked, and the burger and bun tasted delicious. Didn't try the club sauce so cannot comment on this - sorry!

Barbecued beef rib, smoked sweet potatoes (£18.00)

Again the meat here fell off the bone rather easily - quite enjoyable.

But you really clicked on this post to see what the view is like from the rooftop right?

If you're after for a bit of alfresco dining in the middle of Central London, definitely make time to visit. Mismatched furniture, empty glass bottles and astro turf just adds to the atmosphere of a Victorian greenhouse which was the main inspiration for the designers, Alexander Waterworth Interiors. And just in case London starts raining as it always seem to do, the designers have incorporated a fully retractable roof so now you really have no excuses to go.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Address: On The Roof with Q, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London. W1H 6HB
Website: www.selfridges.com
Best Before Date: 11th October 2014
Opening Times: Daily from 11am to 11pm. Mon/Tues: 9pm close, Sun: 6pm close
Tips: Book if you can especially during busier times such as weekends and Friday evenings


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  1. Thanks so much for visiting Diana. We loved the post and hope you'll visit us in Camden soon. Q Grill.

  2. Hi Q Grill. Thank you for your comment - much appreciated. Will definitely visit you in Camden - any recommendations on what to order there? Diana


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