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Life | 10 Reasons To Love Autumn

Ah Autumn, my old chum. I used to absolutely adore this season, with the main reason being my birthday but my favourite season is probably the Summer now - I completely love being in the sunshine with bright blue skies, lighter evenings and summer dresses. Oh it makes me smile when I reminisce back to days now gone by while I swap my lighter evenings for darker ones and settle into Autumn/Fall for another year. But it's not all bad news - here are 10 reasons why I'm personally looking forward to Autumn 2014.

1. Bonfire Night
Who doesn't love bonfire night?! It's so magical and amazing. Us Brits would dedicate an evening to remember, remember, the 5th of November thanks to ol' Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Parliament and thinking he could get away with it but hey, if the reward of this is a massive bonfires, burning effigies and delightful fireworks I'm not one to complain.

2. My Birthday
This is definitely high up on the list of things I look forward to all year, let alone just Autumn. Come on, who's with me? I've had some amazing birthdays in years gone by filled with surprises, laughter and loved ones. There's always something special about celebrating your birthday so yup, one I'm looking forward to.

3. Comfort Food
As much as I love Summer, there is only so much salad I can eat. I am a massive foodie, and I can't wait to tuck into some soup and roast dinners galore. A spot of apple crumble doesn't hurt either :) Maybe I should hint to my sister to make her crazy amazing shepherd's pie - absolute comfort food perfection on a plate.

4. Make Up Shake Up
Time to pack away the pastels for another season and bring out the berry shades for Autumn. I've yet to find my perfect berry lipstick but in the meanwhile I can deal with sparkling it up for the Christmas parties with metallic shades. Let's not also forget we're bringing black opaque tights back again, along with matching hats, scarves and gloves.

5. Crunchy Leaves
One of the first sure sign of Autumn is the sound of a leaf crunching under your shoes only to try and find a whole bunch more to stamp all over. Then you look up at the trees in awe, take a moment to remember when the leaves were all green and now suddenly they've lost their chlorophyll and turned into varying shades of yellow, red and orange. Nature's pretty cool, huh?

6. Christmas
Oh yes. I have said the magic C word but give me some credit - it's taken me to October to utter this. Harrods and Selfridges were all over this back in August so if anything, I'm slacking behind. Love it when London dresses itself up and Christmas lights are everywhere to be seen. Probably the most exciting/intriguing/scary thing for me personally this year is flying out to the motherland (Hong Kong) for a close friend's birthday with the boo tagging along with me.

7. Clocks Turning Back
Despite that this means we will have darker mornings, darker evenings and shorter hours of daylight, I can't be the only one who loves that one extra hour in bed?! P.S. It's happening Sunday 26th October at 2am. And clocks go back, not forward.

8. Onesies
Don't act like you don't have one or don't love yours either. I discovered the onesie earlier this year when I bought the Sully from Monster's Inc onesie from ASDA for a work Disney themed do and it's so comfy and warm. Time to dig it out from the depths of my drawers again.

9. Crispy Mornings
You know when it's cold and you see your breath in the air? It's not raining but it's cold enough to now you have to wear a jacket, maybe a hat and scarf too? And everything looks quite mystical and magical when the sun rises and the golden glow finds its way through the mist? Yeah. That.

10. Nights In
Onesies. Oversized jumpers. Hot chocolate. Mini marshmallows. Saturday night TV. Strictly Come Dancing. Cuddles. Central heating. Real fires.

Bonus 11: Starbucks Red Cup
'Nuff said.

Well there you have it. My personal list of 10 Things to Love Autumn.

What about you?
What are you looking forward to in Autumn 2014? 
Anything I missed off the list?

Let me know in the comments below!


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