Thursday, 9 October 2014

Beauty: Maybelline Colordrama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil (140 Minimalist)

In recent weeks, I have fallen in love with all things make up for lips. I mean have you seen my Instagram post of my hand totally covered in all lip swatches? #bblogerproblems #signsofabblogger #makeupaddict Lip gloss, lip stick and lip liners have all been screaming my name whenever I find myself browsing the make up aisle in Boots or Superdrug so it's no surprise when a new product in town at less than a fiver and is a dupe for the cult NARS matte lip pencils, you didn't need to tell me twice to pick it up.

These little wooden beauty sticks comes in 9 different shades and I picked up two - Shade 140 in Minimalist and the other one I have bloody lost in my room! I am so peeved with myself at that - I have hunted low and high with no flipping luck. So apologies in advance, today's post will be just be focusing on Minimalist. When swatching this, it was a lovely shade of pink with the tiniest amount of shimmer. 

I love how small this product is. I can't seem to find out exactly how much product is contained in each of the pencils, but yes small does normally mean smaller amount of product. However, the compact size means its handbag and travelling friendly and what's not to love about that? The packaging itself is all black with a pop of colour to show what lip colour it is allowing you to differentiate between the shades should you pick up more than one, and trust me, you will be! 

It's also a pencil format which means you will need to sharpen it, and needed the big hole sharpener. I've not yet had the chance to sharpen this but apparently a lot of product gets wasted when you sharpen so heads up on this. Another thing I love is how the lid fits snugly on the back of the pencil which allows for longer length and stability when lining your lips. 

Let's be real and honest here. I am blogging this on a Sunday and yes that is me in my dressing gown!  It's a Sunday after all! This is the before and after picture, and while there's hardly any difference, it looks like my lips but better and there's nothing wrong with that in my books. The beauty of this means I can either wear it alone or use it as a lip liner before popping lip gloss or lip stick on over the top. If I do wear it alone, it dries to a matte finish that lasts around 2 hours or so - just remember to pop a touch of lip balm over your smackers so no dry patches are highlighted.

Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Colordrama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils?
Do you prefer these or the NARS matte lip pencils?
Do you wear it stand alone or under lipgloss/lipstick?

Let me know in the comments below!


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