Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Food | Aladin Curry House, Brick Lane E1 | London

Happy Tuesday friends!

Everyone has a bucket list don't they? Living in London all my life bar the three years where I was in Brighton for uni days, it quickly dawned on me that there is so many things that I really haven't done in this beautiful city that I have grown up and learned to love. One of those was eating curry down the famous Brick Lane in East London, so this is what happened when I grabbed a friend and we checked out Aladin in Brick Lane.

The interior itself looks quite comfy and as we had arrived early evening, there was not many people in the restaurant. 

While perusing the menus, we decided to get some poppadoms to start off with...

But surely you can't have poppadoms by themselves right? So we added some chutneys to go with it...

Clockwise from 12 o'clock: Mixed Onions | Hot Sauce | Mango Chutney | Mint Sauce
Yup... no idea why the mint sauce is green either!

Had a mango lassi with the food which was yummy. It actually tasted like mangos and had a lovely thick milkshake type consistency to it. No idea what the red and green sprinkles are on top though!

According to the server, the restaurant does not serve alcohol but it does operate a Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) policy in place, but if you've forgotten the bottle, there is the option to buy a bottle for 40% off in the off licence next door

We order some peshawar naan which I had never eaten before and cannot believe I did not know such a bread existed. I found this quite enjoyable and extremely yummy!

Another side we ordered was Aloo Gobi - purely of the reference to it in the movie "Bend It Like Beckham" :)  Yup, we are totally 90s kids! Turns out aloo gobi consists of potatoes and cauliflower!

We tried the lamb karahi sizzling dish which is a Bengal dish with tomatoes and onions of medium spice and presented on a ... umm... sizzling dish! This reminded me a lot of when you order fajita dishes in a Mexican restaurant and comes with that super exciting sizzling sound - you know what I mean right? 

Now I have to confess something here. I hardly ever eat curry and rarely order an Indian take away, and if I do, it's a korma. So while in Brick Lane, I refused to order that and insisted on trying something else instead but did not know what! I was recommended to try one of the restaurants award winning dishes (not surprisingly) and went with the chicken or lamb tikka blast which won the "Taste Brick Lane Curry Award 2014" judged by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriot. Unbeknownst to me, it was the chicken dish that won the award and of course I had ordered the lamb ... quelle surprise. Either way, it was very enjoyable but definitely can be shared between two people rather than just one which is what I attempted.

Something to definitely order is the coconut rice - this was amazing!! There are 12 different types of rice you can choose from - I'm not even kidding, have a look at their menu - so I was at lost on what to order and the server recommended the coconut rice which I'm glad they did. Just order it. Honest. 

After dinner chocolates - though I was half expecting mints considering it's a curry house but hey, each to their own I guess

Have you been to a curry house in Brick Lane before?
Any places you recommend?
What's your favourite food to eat from a curry house?

Let me know in the comments below!

Details of the restaurant:
Address: 132 Brick Lane, London. E1 6RU
Telephone: 020 7247 8210
Website: http://www.aladinbricklane.co.uk
Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs 12noon to 12midnight, Fri/Sat: 12noon to 1am, Sun: 12noon to 10.30pm


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  1. It looks so cute in there! The coconut rice sounds so yummy as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Alice, the coconut rice was definitely worth having. Sooo good! Whenever you're in Brick Lane, definitely have a curry in one of their restaurants =) Diana xx

  2. This looks so good! You're making me hungry!
    Maria's Adventures

    1. Haha was really yummy =) want to try the bagel store in Brick Lane that's open 24/7 - heard good things about it, and it's on my list of what to eat in London =) Diana xx

  3. Really a pleasure to visit and you of want to enjoy spicy curry! then one of my favorite is here http://www.houseofgrille1.co.uk/


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