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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 + My New Year's Resolutions

Hey beautiful people,
Can you believe we're in 2015?! How crazy does that sound? Soon enough, we'll be closer to 2030 than 2000... O.o" sheer madness I think. I know 1st January 2015 has come and gone, but four days in is not that much a delay in my head, and therefore I think I have JUST enough time to scribble down a blog post of my New Year's Resolutions! 
1. Start learning more Chinese
Having recently come back from a holiday to the motherland aka Hong Kong and surprised myself by managing to converse entirely in Cantonese with shop sales assistants and not sounding like a kindergarten child and actually being understood has vaguely restored my faith in speaking the language. This year will be the year I actually take a massive interest in learning the language, and actually force myself to learn it. Before I have always been quite laissez-faire about it - 2015 will change all this!
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2. Set up achievement/happiness jar
You probably have seen this plastered all over Pinterest, and having read a little bit more into this, it sounds like quite a fun activity for the next 12m. The idea is that you find a jar, preferably a clear one a la a Mason jar for superficial reasons, and each time you hit a personal achievement, or a moment has made you happy, you write down a brief one or two lines about it on a scrap of paper, roll it up, and pop it in the jar. At the end of 12m, hopefully you will have accumulated a number of rolled up pieces of paper and on 31st December you can open these up and reflect on what you have achieved in 2015. Instant happiness!
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3. Sort out the gym membership
Okay, I am soo incredibly guilty of falling into the classic gym subscriber person. Join up, and not visit it again since day 1. Definite oops, so definitely need to sort this out as I am wasting money I don't actually have to waste. I need to get fit and exercise more, so it's a case of whether I choose to actually go and make use of the gym membership, or cancel the darn thing and dust off the yoga mat I bought on impulse and work out to some Youtube videos. Either way, the choice needs to be made ASAP!!
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4. Dedicate more time to the blog
Whether it's a case of commenting on more blogs, or writing more blogs, getting more involved in twitter chats, or getting a blog makeover, I will definitely endeavour to spend more time to my blog. This resolution comes up every blooming year and always fails by around March, but hopefully 2015 will be the year this all changes?! On a side note, if you are a blog designer or pretty techy with all that kinda stuff, please give a shout - would love your help!
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5. Start a scrapbook
Having seen Lily's scrapbook video has reminded me that our life has become so digitalised thanks to Facebook, twitter and even Blogger! We hardly ever print out photos to stick on our walls or in photo albums, and writing things down physically has become such a rare event. My memory sucks already as it is, so I am in danger of losing precious memories and moments I have accumulated, so I hope to create a scrapbook, go back to printing photos off at Boots kiosks, and documenting my life. I suddenly have this vision of Michael Aspel presenting me with a red book saying "Diana Wong - this is your life!"
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Are you ready for the next 12months?
What are your New Year's Resolutions? 
Care to share any hints and tips to achieve these?

Let me know in the comments below!

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