Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Food | Knot Pretzels | London

Pretzels are normally only ever seen in one hand when the other hand is holding a beer right? At least that was my first encounter with a pretzel during a university social with an Oktoberfest theme. Few years later and I have now learnt there is a sweet version as well as the savoury salt flavor having dipped my toes into their cinnamon sugar delight of Auntie Anne's.
As I was passing through London Victoria station, Knot Pretzels were handing out bags with discounted pretzel prices on them, and who doesn't love a discounted/free item? I missed out on the free coffee, but that didn't stop me paying a visit to them and seeing what was going on. At 6am, pretzels were selling for 60p, 70p at 7am, 80p at 8am etc until 12pm. Having arrived around at 10am with the promise of pretzels for a quid, I happily walked across the concourse to see their wares.
Knot is a pretzel and coffee kiosk that has appearing in London since 2011 first estabilishing themselves in Kingston, but can also be found in Clapham Junction Station, Richmond Station, Kingston Ancient Market, and Victoria Station. They have many varieties on offer from your classic cinnamon sugar to ham and cheese, to the intriguing sounding lavender sugar. Best of all is that these are the "soft" versions which makes it a delight to bite into. Always opting for the random weird sounding option, I picked lavender sugar and paid GBP2.00 (normally GBP2.95) for the big version rather than a quid for the smaller version requesting for it to be warmed up - it was my breakfast after all!
If you think the lavender sugar is going to be over powering and tasting like Parma Violets or old biddies, then you're very much mistaken. It has a lovely taste to it albeit quite unusual as I'm more used to smelling lavender rather than tasting. Found myself licking my fingers once I'm finished in the hope of having some more so definitely something I will be returning to for seconds while trying out the other options on offer!

 Have you tried Knot Pretzels yet?
Have you tasted anything that is lavender based?
What are your thoughts?
Let me know in the comments below!

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