Thursday, 12 February 2015

Life | Five Things | February 2015

一 I've changed my phone language to Chinese in a never ending constant battle striving to learn the mother tongue. This has only resulted in many an  emails/messages/photos suffering by accidentally pressing delete

二 I got new glasses in early December last year and have absolutely fallen in love with them. Been wanting a pair of nerdy geeky big plastic glasses for a while and loving these to no end

三 Found a second hand copy of Professor Layton's Nintendo DS games which obviously mean I'm permanently attached to my NDS now *geek mode on* 

四 I still haven't got round to putting up or even writing up posts of my holiday to the motherland (read Hong Kong). There's no excuses for this, just pure laziness - sorry

五 It's been a little cold in the UK and even had a bit of snow on the ground albeit lasting for less than 24hours. I'm constantly pining after warm weather, lighter days and adventures in the sun so when a pretty fantastic deal came up on TravelZoo for Costa Brava, the credit card came out and Santa Susanna here I come! It's close to Barcelona which we went last year which we had a great time in. Have you been there already? Any recommendations? 

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