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Life | 7 Tips on How To Balance a Full Time Job With Blogging

Hey world, how are we all doing? It looks like the last time I did a post similar to this was super well received so here's another edition of my top tips. Today I wanted to share some of my tips on how to balance a full time job with blogging. It's something that I do currently and I will admit, it is not an easy thing to do and yes at times it can be quite stressful. However, with a bit of organization and some tips of mine, you can strike the right balance and wonders will come your way.
1. Schedule
This for me, and for probably everyone else who balances a full time job with blogging, is our biggest secret weapon. Inspiration doesn't flow constantly for me but when it does, I can easily write up five quality posts in quick succession. So when it does flow, schedule your posts. Normally I post on a Tuesday and/or Thursday because a) my readers know when to expect posts and b) it spreads out your blog posts over time. Take inspiration from around you, what other bloggers are writing up or asking your friends and family. And that all fails, then I'm sure a quick Google on blog post ideas will get your inspiration motor going.

2. Notes on your Phone

I love the Notes app on my phone. It doesn't tell me how many notes I have on there but there's a lot. In recent years, I have found myself making lists after lists. What to pack for my holiday? My beauty wish list. Blog posts ideas. It goes on and on. When inspiration strikes, I quickly jot it in the relevant list I've made on the app so that when I'm free and next to a computer, I can refer back to my list and start writing posts up.

3. Time Management
Leading a full time job is no easy picnic and can very often consume most of your day and week. So it's important your time management skills are on point. Use the tip above to save time, and don't waste time dilly dallying on websites that will just lead to procrastination. There's a number of website blockers out there that can block certain websites (Twitter and Facebook I'm looking at you) for a set temporary time limit which means you can crack down writing your posts.

4. Social Networking
Practically all bloggers will be attached to one or two social networking sites. Personally, I'm linked to six different ones (bloglovin'  ∙  email  ∙  google+  ∙  instagram  ∙  pinterest  ∙  twitter  ∙ youtube) and while you don't need to go all crazy like I did, I find that this widens my audience. I love twitter because of their various blogger chats and there has been more than one occasion where I'm actively participating on a beauty chat while I'm commuting home.  

5. Upskill Yourself
I've had my blog for just over a year (I cannot believe it's been that long!) but over the last twelve months I have definitely upskilled myself from learning HTML coding to editing videos for my YouTube channel. For a long time I was debating with myself whether or not to include I'm a blogger on my CV but I took the plunge and it's now proudly sitting there. It provides an amazing topic of conversation in interviews and many people find it really interesting. It may even lead to your next job!

6. Take a Break

Like I said, balancing these two is no walk in the park - I can speak from experience. It requires you to multi task and ensure you have enough memory stashed away on your camera or your phone in case you need to take an impromptu photo or video for your next post. However, don't stress about it. If for whatever reason you cannot find inspiration anywhere which means there's no new content on your blog, it's fine! Everyone deserves a break and time away from things - why do you think weekends exist?! Don't feel guilty and your readers will prefer you to take a break and return with high quality content than for you to go through stress and produce posts not worth reading.

7. Don't Compare Yourself to Full Time Bloggers

There's a reason why all the major players in the blogging game are able to churn out a post daily, a YouTube video three times a week and hundreds of tweets. It's because they're full time bloggers. Comparing yourself to their success, their activity and their stats is not healthy. Just remember you are unique which makes your blog unique. Readers are following you because they want to read what you have written and what you think. So chin up, find some inspiration, and bring on that next quality post.

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Disclaimer: While I mention I work full time, please note I do not wish to disclose the nature of my job as it's private and confidential

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