Thursday, 18 June 2015

Travel | Dali Theatre and Museum | Figueres

Not too long ago, I was on Spanish shores and while the weather in the UK has perked up with blue skies and all, I can't help but reminisce over my #Spain2015 holiday where I traveled South to Spain and took in the sights and sounds of Costa Brava. One of the highlights was visitng Figueres - an old town in northern Spain and more famously known as the hometown of Salvador Dali - the surrealist artist who made his mark and left his impression on the world where we took the time to visit the Dali Theatre and Museum.
You really cannot miss the museum. Within Figueres rail station, there is a tourist information office stand where you can grab a map and speak to the guide for directions. But even if you hadn't paused to get the info, the town is littered with road signs and street signs pointing the direction. It felt a bit like a game who could see the next sign! 

Opened in 1974, the museum houses a superb collection of Dali's works ranging from sculptures to paintings including his famous red lips sofa where the latter now forms part of a living room feature alongside with other basic furniture which reveals to be a female face when viewed from the designed viewing platform. Each turn of the museum led to another surprise - one of the turns led us out to an open courtyard with a Cadillac car installed! 

While we were there, the entrance fee of EUR12 included a separate smaller exhibition of Dali's jewels where some of his most famous work have been recreated into beautiful jewels, some of which includes a representation of a melting clock, a nod one of Dali's most recognisable works: The Persistence of Memory.
I had such an enjoyable time visiting the labyrinth of a museum with its winding paths and numerous rooms and highly recommend it too if you are a fan of Dali and like to see his works in real life. It's a train journey away from Barcelona so next time you're in the area, why not hop on a train North? :) 

Further Information:
Address: Gala-Salvador Dali Square 5, E-17600 Figueres, Catalonia - SPAIN
Entrance: Gala-Salvador Dali Square, 5  Exit: M8 Angels Vayreda Street
Phone: 0034 972 677 500

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