Thursday, 23 July 2015

Food | Duck and Waffle | London

Hello world, how are we all doing? Apologies for the ridiculous lateness of this post, but it was only when I was browsing through the drafts post that I didn't even realised I hadn't posted this yet *slaps myself on the wrist several times* Well, better late than never right? So world, this is all about the time I went to Duck and Waffle in London and experience a fantastic meal.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Life | Secret Tunnel Under the River Thames | London

Hello world, how are we all doing? Did you know that there is a secret tunnel in mighty ol' London you can walk through? One that'll let you walk directly underneath the River Thames? And that it links from Greenwich to Tower Hamlets? Well neither did I - until my family and I stumbled upon it after visiting Cutty Sark..

Friday, 3 July 2015

Life | 7 Tips For Summer Make Up

Hey world, how are we all doing? I hope you're enjoying #Summer2015 so far. London has been hit with a beautiful Spanish heatwave with temperatures reaching 30 degrees C plus which I am absolutely loving. Bright blue skies, warm summer nights and ice cold drinks? Bring it on! Probably the only two things I dislike are insect bites and make up sliding off my face so I've decide the blog about the latter and share some tips along with some gifs so go enjoy :)

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