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Food | Duck and Waffle | London

Hello world, how are we all doing? Apologies for the ridiculous lateness of this post, but it was only when I was browsing through the drafts post that I didn't even realised I hadn't posted this yet *slaps myself on the wrist several times* Well, better late than never right? So world, this is all about the time I went to Duck and Waffle in London and experience a fantastic meal.
Duck and Waffle is located in the Heron Tower on the 40th floor, only a couple floors higher than Sushi Samba who sits happily at Floor 38, an equally high end restaurant with outstanding views to boot. I've heard so much about this restaurant and the thing I love most about it is that it is open round the clock 24/7. Located only a short stone's throw away from Liverpool Street station, this place is easily accessible and not hard to find making it a great dining place for City commuters, locals and tourists alike. 

Now when it came to deciding what to eat, for what feels like the first time in forever, it was a split second decision. I mean, of course I had to order the restaurant's name sake - the duck and waffle signature dish. A crispy leg confit with a fried duck egg, waffle quarter with the mustard maple syrup to boot coming in a GBP17. Seeing duck confit on the menu always makes me chuckle - when a good friend of mine left the UK permanently, a bunch of us ate a Cafe Rouge in Heathrow and half the table ordered the "Confit de Canard" - it brings back so many memories and smiles to me. ANYWAY... in terms of how it tasted? Sure it tasted like regular duck and regular waffle, but trust me on this one - get a little of each element, load it up on your fork, dip it into the syrup - and omgosh, a taste explosion happens. It honestly feels something only Heston Blumenthal could concoct! 

Duck and Waffle meal

I obviously decided to talk about the star of the show before even typing out a word on the starter, but seeing as there's a photo of it below, perhaps I should! For starter, we had one of the freshly baked bread to set the atmosphere. There are six varieties to choose from - hand churned butter and puglian olive oil (GBP6), rosemary and garlic (GBP6), guanciale and Welsh goat's cheese (GBP7), violet artichoke and parmesan (GBP7), n'duja and Gruyere (GBP6) and the onion jam and Stilton option (GBP6). We opted for the artichoke version which came on a wooden board, served hot and melted in the mouth. So good!
Violet artichoke and Parmesan freshly baked bread - delish
Clearly I'm typing up this post in some sort of weird fashioned order because the other dish we order was one of the small plates to share between three of us. This was the roasted octopus dish (GBP13) served with chorizo, baby potato and pickled cucumber. Served in a small pan like item, this dish was yummy - pity it doesn't come any bigger.

While Duck and Waffle is opened 24/7, it is an incredibly popular eatery and you can find yourself waiting three months before even stepping foot in the establishment. Their booking lines allows you to book three months to the date at your requested time slot and guests and informs you for parties of 5 and more may be subject to a cancellation fee. I imagine dinner time is the most popular time to eat there and after waiting some time to eat, you're rewarded with spectacular views of the city that hardly sleeps. London, you are such a beaut sometimes. 

Further Details:
Address: Floor 40, The Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate
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