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Life | 7 Tips For Summer Make Up

Hey world, how are we all doing? I hope you're enjoying #Summer2015 so far. London has been hit with a beautiful Spanish heatwave with temperatures reaching 30 degrees C plus which I am absolutely loving. Bright blue skies, warm summer nights and ice cold drinks? Bring it on! Probably the only two things I dislike are insect bites and make up sliding off my face so I've decide the blog about the latter and share some tips along with some gifs so go enjoy :)

Use a Primer
By the sounds of it, primers are the Marmite of the beauty world - you either love 'em or hate 'em! Saying that, I'm not sure which side of the fence I sit on with this but applying primers after moisturising and before foundation allows your makeup to have a non slip base to adhere to so if any sweat hits, it'll be less likely to feel like your entire face is coming off. Some primers worth checking out include the Maybelline Baby Skin primer (greeny bluey tube with nozzle tip HERE), the Body Shop Tea Tree primer (dark green tube again with nozzle tip HERE) and the GOSH primers (circular jar with black lid HERE) all easily available and affordable off the high street. 

Switch up your Base
In the summer months, you don't really want to be piling on a huge amount of make up if you can help it. The less, the better so instead of your heavy winter foundation, why not switch it up to something lighter or using a BB cream? I love the L'Oreal Eau de Teint for its lighter formula which doesn't feel cakey but provides enough coverage for me. As for BB creams, well girl, if you haven't heard, it's all about the Korean ones and lucky for us, Dr Jart offers one that you can pick up in Boots HERE.

Setting Spray
So all your make up is done - now what? It's time to spray your face with some setting spray! Never heard of it? It literally what it sounds like - a water based spray to set your make up to avoid slippage come the 2pm slump. NYX Cosmetics offer both a matte and dewy version if the purse strings are a little too tight and alternatively, Caudalie's Beauty Elixir or Urban Decay's setting spray is the mist of choice for many. Bonus tip? Pop this in the fridge for a beautiful cooling face mist on a summer's day. 

SPF and Sun Lotion
As soon as we feel any warmth, my fellow Londoners and myself feel the need to strip off and sunbathe. Hands up if you forget to apply the sun lotion? We've all been there for the UV in sunlight is strong and ever so damaging to our biggest organ - the skin. Go grab a bottle of SPF30+, even more if you have ickle ones around such as SPF50 for tiny tots. I am a brand lover of all things NIVEA so I will always be drawn to them for everything including sun screen but there are so many options on offer - the world (I mean the aisles of Boots/Superdrug) is your oyster. Bonus tip? Th sun is hottest between 12pm and 3pm so if you can, stay out of the heat. And if not, pick up a wide brimmed hat to protect your face - it also looks stylish so rock it girl!

Waterproof Make Up
With all this hot weather, it's no surprises really people hit the beach or the pool to have a swim so if that's your list of things to do this summer, don't forget the water proof make up! No girl enjoys looking like a streaky panda after all. So don your waterproof mascara of choice and hit the water! Bonus tip? Keep your make up minimal for the poolside equals less make up wash off!

Blotting Sheets 
I have a fond memory of blotting sheets. Mommy Wong used to always have them in her handbag and I always enjoyed tearing the sheet off as a child. But she had them close to hand for a reason. You know you're hot and bothered with the absolute risk of ruining your make up when you feel beads of sweat forming on your brow and all over. You try and fight temptation to use the back of your hand to wipe it all off but you know you're going to ruin your make up. So the solution were blotting sheets. Mommy Wong loves the Body Shop offerings (they now have a tea tree version HERE) but you can also get plain ones from Boots currently on offer HERE and Superdrug have mattifying ones available HERE. Bonus tip? If you pick up mattifying ones, make sure you have a mirror to hand to make sure there's no obvious powder transfer!

Stay Hydrated 
Not so much a make up tip but definitely something to remind you all is, if there is just one thing you do, make sure it is to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water to hand to hydrate yourself and refill it on a regular basis. In the summer days, you're more likely to sweat so you're losing moisture on a constant basis. With our bodies consisting of 70% water, it is super important to make sure we keep our hydration levels topped up. Bonus tip? Freeze your bottle of water overnight to provide a cooling steady flow of water during the day.

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