Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Life | Secret Tunnel Under the River Thames | London

Hello world, how are we all doing? Did you know that there is a secret tunnel in mighty ol' London you can walk through? One that'll let you walk directly underneath the River Thames? And that it links from Greenwich to Tower Hamlets? Well neither did I - until my family and I stumbled upon it after visiting Cutty Sark..
In all my 26 years of living in London, I cannot believe I never discovered this before and it's called the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, with the Southern entrance located literally next to Cutty Sark. The actual entrances on either side are quite pretty, housed by green glazed domes above a red brick circular building. 

There is the option of taking the stairs or the lift to descend or ascend the tunnel. My dad and I went ahead to check out this peculiar feature of London so we descended by lift from Greenwich side and also ascended by lift on the Isle of Dogs side. Me being me, I was trying to work out when was the next time I'll come back again so on the return journey back to Greenwich (we had to go back to the car after all), I decided to descent via stairs and also ascend via the stairs on the Greenwich side just so I can say and know I've done both versions!

The lift itself is now modern but you can see wood paneling inside with lovers scratching their initials. It's London - instead of marking trees, we mark wooden lift panels. It was such a strange weird experience and something we had definitely not planned to do, it was just an added bonus after visiting Cutty Sark. It seems like it's a popular commuter path and has a cool breeze all year round due to being under the big body of water that is the Thames.

The view from the other side - you can see the masts of Cutty Sark jutting out into the skyline
Always time for a selfie only to be photobombed by la familia!

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