Tuesday, 18 August 2015

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LUSH Beautiful Shower Gel | www.londongirldiana.com

Hello world, happy Tuesday to you all!  Over the last few weeks I have been spending more and more time at the OH's place. I mean, his place is always neat and tidy, my laundry gets done food gets cooked for me... I'm struggling to find reasons NOT to permanently stay there!

But after a while, things become drab and I wanted to spruce it up a little.. starting with the shower gel. So of course I had to take a little detour to LUSH...
I would have loved to stock up on bath bombs (Frozen was in stock at the Victoria store and oh my gosh, I love that one - such a gorgeous colour and smell. Check it out if you haven't already) but the bath is tiny and we can't figure out how the hot water works for the bath (the shower runs off a different supply) so there was little use picking up a bath bomb. I perused the soaps but soaps are naturally drying so that was out the question. My eyes then fell on the shower gels and onto a gold one that goes by the name of Beautiful.

Supposedly having the same scent as "1000 Kisses Deep" - I say supposedly as I've not smelt 1000 Kisses Deep the perfume and really going by what the LUSH representative said, it's filled with myrrh resinoid, peach juice and dried apricots giving a little bit of a zesty fresh smell to it, but not in the style of Dirty which left me feeling like I've just slathered minty fresh toothpaste all over myself!
The light and refreshing scent to it makes it perfect for all you morning shower lovers rather than your evening shower pals, waking you up and starting you for the day ahead. The smell itself doesn't linger around for long but you can always combine products to make a long lasting smell - may I suggest Ro's Argan Conditioner? Or picking up one of LUSH's perfumes, solid or otherwise?
LUSH Beautiful Shower Gel | www.londongirldiana.com

I picked up the 100g small bottle which retails in the UK for GBP4.75 partly because I didn't know whether I'd like the product enough to pick up the bigger version, LUSH is relatively pricey for what you get and probably above all, it's the perfect size for travelling and for the gym. It does come in larger sizes of 250g (GBP9.50), 500g (GBP15.95) and a whopping one kilo at GBP27.50. 
With the gold colour and inclusion of myrrh, I can see this product getting popular during Christmas time (can you believe Selfridges and Harrods already have their Christmas department set up and we're less than 20 Friday's to Christmas?!) so before the gold rush happens, I recommend popping down to your LUSH store and checking this beaut out. See what I did there? 
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  1. This sounds amazing! I have Lush products! I agree, they are pretty pricey.

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. It's great in the morning shower to wake you up and refresh yourself for the day ahead :) but yup, pretty pricey =( wish they had a loyalty card style scheme and it may make it a little more bearable for me!


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