Friday, 28 August 2015

Beauty | Vitamin E Skin Care | All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil

Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil |

Hello world and Happy Friday to you all! Today I wanted to talk about a super budget moisturiser I picked up on a whim as the OH was low on moisturiser at his place and of course I had to have an input on anything beauty related he picks up! Mr LGD normally has the Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion which is great but as always, I felt like a bit of a change was due. I found myself in Superdrug eyeing up what they had to offer and pretty sure it was the blue lid that caught my eye. That and the inclusion of Argan Oil. I. Was. Sold.

Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil |

I rarely use Superdrug own branch products and to be frank, I don't think I actually realised the Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil (wow! Try saying that 10 times!) was their own brand until I looked more closely at it. The Superdrug star is a dead giveaway on the pot, but it could easily be another more expensive high street brand by the packaging. Speaking of packaging, you get a generous 475ml of body cream in a plastic huge tub with a screw on lid. The amount of you gets means it's going to last a while, and with it costing GBP2.99, you definitely get your money's worth!
The Argan Oil edition is a limited edition of their normal product, and if you remember, there was such a hype about the magical wonders of argan oil in the beauty world not too long ago. More commonly associated with hair treatments (Moroccan Oil, I'm looking at you), argan oil is a non greasy oil that absorbs quickly into the skin making it perfect for a body moisturiser. It's a gentle oil that doesn't aggravate existing skin conditions and supposedly helps with the pregnancy stretch marks too. Is there anything this oil cannot do?!
There is a light fragrance to the product and I can't quite pinpoint what it smells of. It's not a strong smell but does linger a little bit on the skin after use. With it being an "all over body" type cream, it does reduce the amount of products you need and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple after a few days use. I would still say to use a separate face cream as the skin on your face is a little different to the rest of your body (my favourite still remains to be NIVEA's moisturiser from their Soft range) but obviously use whatever is your favourite!
Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil |
Vitamin E Skin Care All Over Body Cream with Argan Oil |

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