Saturday, 1 August 2015

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Hello world and happy Saturday to you all! Can you believe it's 1st of August 2015 already? That's mental. We're way over halfway through 2015 and I remember reading online that we're 20 Friday's away from Christmas. Say WHAT?! Trying to ignore that little nugget of information, I decided to procrastinate through bloglovin' only to stumble across A Thrifty Mrs' post about her August 2015 goals (link HERE) which inspired me to create my own list so without further ado and in no particular order.. here's a snippet into my personal life goals and ambitions for August 2015 ~

Actually get round to Renewing my Passport:
Ever since I went to a different country each year for the last few years, I have been bit by the travel bug HARD. This year I haven't quite stepped foot in a new country yet with the common excuse of money swiftly followed by time stopping me. Only this time, I've found myself another excuse - my passport is expiring soon. August 25th is when it expires and the main thing really stopping me is taking a new passport photo. I mean, how vain and shallow am I?! I seriously need to get over this, boot myself to a photo place and just take them. Like pronto. 
Find a New Job:
I'm not a fan of talking about my personal life on here specifically when it comes to my job, and heads up - I'm not going to share it right now. But if you didn't know, I have a full time job and blog on the side of which the former is getting me down a little bit. Without going into too much details, I'm keeping my chin up and applying for new jobs in the hope I find something more challenging and exciting soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me?
Visit London's Summer Exhibitions:
One of the most amazing things about London is that there is always something going on and summer is one of the best times. The simple combination of bright blue skies and the sun shining down on London town make this city so beautiful. There's a number of exhibitions that have popped up for the summer including the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain at the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery's Audrey Hepburn amongst others which are on my list for August 2015.
Enjoy a spot of Afternoon Tea
I love afternoon tea. It's a great tradition and what's so bad about eating cakes and warm scones over a pot of Earl Grey tea and catching up with friends? A couple of places I'd like to enjoy this at includes the Orangey at London's Fan Museum and Sketch in Mayfair, if only for the loos. 
So how about you? What are your plans for August 2015? 
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