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Travel | Venetian Casino and Hotel | Macau

Morning world, how are you today? Today's #throwbackTuesday post goes back to another experience in Macau where I visited the Venetian Hotel and Casino. I've been in a casino before (Hippodrome in London, but that was mainly for the cocktails more than anything else) but the Venetian is one of the most famous, if not THE most famous hotels and casino of Macau. So of course it was worth a visit and see what it was all about.
So readers, let me first give you a bit of the background. The plan was to catch the 8am ferry to Macau and spend the day there (it's so small, you only really need one full day to catch the major sites), but that didn't really happen. We visited the Hong Kong side ferry terminal the day before to buy 8am tickets only for us to completely sleep through our alarms and wake up at ... 8am! It would be fine (-ish) but I had arranged to meet up with a dear friend for lunch and I didn't want to delay her so after a quick phone call (where she laughed and said me missing the ferry is *so* me), we rushed down to the ferry terminal and bought later tickets. As a result, we had literally only a few hours to explore the Venetian before it was time for lunch. 

Here's my photo diary and commentary of my very short time at the Venetian Macau... 

Considering our short time allowance at the Venetian, I immediately bounded upstairs for the iconic canals that makes the Venetian, the Venetian. After a number of escalators and taking a few wrong turns, we were not disappointed by what we was greeted by. Artificial lighting and technology as well as incredible architecture and maybe trick lighting meant I felt like I had taken a step back in time, or at least Italy. The European architecture with old school nearly Victorian style lamp posts literally made me stop in my tracks. The first thing we noticed was an electric strings quartet that reminded me hugely of ESCALA, who I completely love listening to so paused for a few minutes to enjoy the music. 

See what I mean about the architecture and Italian flair? Believe it or not, this picture was taken INSIDE. Incredible or what?

Beautifully painted dome near the main entrance of the Venetian. Absolutely gorgeous.

Can you BELIEVE this is a tiny section of the many ceilings the Venetian has to offer?! It's so beautifully painted and really captures a sense of Italy. I spent a few minutes just gazing at the ceiling being overwhelmed by the artistic skills and the talent as well as how authentic they try and make this place.

Clearly the OH wasn't too impressed by taking a photo within the Venetian. I, on the other hand, look extraordinarily gleeful about being there!

Bringing a taste of Italy and masquerade to Macau in the format of a rather scary looking dressed up Venetian lady. The song "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera has suddenly starting singing in my head. Please say I'm not the only one?

Every Macau local will tell you that the best Portuguese egg tarts, or "nata" are baked by Lord Stow's Bakery and Cafe which have branches around Macau and one including the Venetian. Of course we had to go find it and have some as a treat but it's quite hidden away - we spent a good few minutes looking for the place. That or our geography skills are completely hopeless!

No post of the Venetian Macau is complete without a gondola and gondolier cruising along the artificial canals!

A snapshot of one of the gambling areas. We didn't try our luck and in hindsight we should have but we were only in the Venetian for a few hours so decided to see the sights and sounds rather than gamble all our money away~

Each major casino have their own branded buses that both locals and tourists use to get around Macau. You can find them greeting you once you come out of Macau ferry terminal transporting you directly to the casino. There's no fee to use them and as a result they get very busy and popular. Beware: Like Hong Kong, the locals queue for their buses. Jumping in line is frowned upon hugely!


So what have I learnt? 
  1. Set my alarm to the loudest setting. Missing my ferry just caused unnecessary rush and annoyance with myself
  2. Accept that I am not a morning person. Stop kidding yourself Diana. So stop booking 8am ferries!
  3. Come back to Macau and explore the Venetian and other major casinos in more depth
  4. My geographical skills are pants
  5. It doesn't help that I clearly don't know my left from my right
  6. Play a round on the slot machines. Or Poker. Or that spinning wheel roulette thingy. It's a CASINO for goodness sake! 
  7. Maybe not Poker actually. My Poker face is non existent. I'd lose within 2 minutes. 
  8. Casinos are HUGE. Like seriously big.
  9. Take a ride in the gondola next time. Didn't do it when I was in Italy and it needs to be ticked off my bucket list.
  10. Clocks and watches and other time telling devices really do not exist in casinos. I thought this was a myth. It's the truth.
  11. Get the boy to smile more in photos. Probably my biggest challenge yet.
  12. I have such a beautiful understanding dear friend who accepts me for who I am, late time keeping and all
  13. I wonder what Las Vegas' Venetian is going to be like. Apparently it's much more massive. But I mean, how much more massive can casinos get?! (Go back to point number 4 and 5)
  14. Note to self: book tickets to see House of Flying Water or something at the other casino in Macau. It looks incredible.
  15. Make sure to visit the bathroom. They're well lush. 
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