Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Food | The Magnum Experience | Covent Garden, London

London is full of the weird and the wonderful. I forgot constantly just how big this beautiful city is and despite it being my home town and grown up in it for nearly 30 years, I still find myself aimlessly wandering, getting lost and becoming a tourist in my own city. West End is one of the best places to wander carefree because sooner or later, you'll find yourself in Covent Garden stumbling upon the Magnum Experience pop up shop. Well, you probably deserve a treat after all that walking.

I've heard about the Magnum Experience through the well used hashtag of #MagnumLDN through social media such as Twitter, Instagram and of course, other blog reviews. If I'm being perfectly honest, the idea of it didn't 100% appeal to me about making my own Magnum on the pure basis I was quite happy with their Almond Magnum. But knowing it was a huge success in Selfridges and it continued to Covent Garden and my good friend reminding me to check it out, of course I had to make my own Magnum.

I practically stumbled on the store while walking through Covent Garden (it's nestled in a corner by the Royal Opera, Build a Bear and Disney stores) and luckily enough, there was no queue at the door. According to the guy on the door, you can create your own perfect personalised Magnum in six simple steps:
1. Coat It
You can choose either a milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate coating on a typical Magnum ice cream. There was only chocolate available in stock - the usual offering of raspberry and vanilla were not available partly because raspberry is completely sold out in the country and vanilla is on Calais side of the border...
2. Top It
You get to choose 3 toppings from a wide variety of options. I was lucky enough to have four by the lovely lady who prepared mine and opted for rose petal, caramel curls, black lava sea salt and hazelnut - YUM!
3. Drizzle It
Again, you get to choose from the 3 chocolate varieties, milk dark or white. I went for white chocolate
4. Set It
Takes about 5 minutes for it to set which is enough time to....
5. Share It
This is where #MagnumLDN comes in useful! And when you're done with plastering it all over social media, it's time to...
6. Love It! 
Not that it's really hard to do haha!

I have just realised I'm writing this up when the experience has now closed - I manage to experience it in the nick of time so apologies for this! 

Address: 7 North Piazza, Covent Garden, London. WC2E 8HD (next to Royal Opera House entrance and near Build a Bear and Disney stores)
Closed: 13th September 2015 - did you go check this out? What toppings and combination did you have?
Opening Hours:  Daily 11.30am to 10pm
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