Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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Morning world and happy Tuesday to you all~

Before I start this post, I think I should probably share something with you. And that's my distinct lack of love for Shakespeare. I'm certainly not his biggest fan so what on earth possessed me to buy tickets to stand for 3 hours to watch one of his plays? Well, for the one and only reason that it was being played in Cantonese.
Yes it's true, I'm not going to win any awards soon for being Shakespeare's number 1 fan. I got lucky during school - I studied The Tempest for my Year 9 exams, and Romeo and Juliet for GCSE English. Can't get a fairer deal than that! All I knew about Macbeth was it included three witches, some murders and not much else. Looks like it was time to actually brush up on reading the background of what on earth goes on. 
Produced by Hong Kong's Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, Macbeth is acted with an air of elegance to it, almost like a ballet. This adaptation of the play begins with a modern couple who shares a dream and takes upon the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth set in China's ancient past. The simple mountain curtain backdrop gives viewers a clue that this production of Macbeth will be a little different, and they wouldn't be wrong.
The use of the stage, the performance in Cantonese and the twist of intertwining with Chinese culture makes this play an incredible one to watch. For a first timer to the Globe, it was an incredible experience. The costumes were incredible and the passion of the actors can easily be felt. I'll admit, it was a little strange to watch a Shakespeare play in Cantonese having learnt it in English and familiar with the prose and poetry that is unique to Shakespeare. 
Did it change my viewpoint of Shakespeare? Not hugely but would still return back to the Globe for another performance, only this time to choose a seating ticket. 

Oh London, I do love you so.
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