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I cannot believe we're nearing the end of October. Can you believe clocks went back last night in the UK? Are you set for darker mornings and evenings? Definitely the season cosy weather and all things hot cocoa, oversized knits and wrapping up. Before I say goodbye to October and all things summer, I'm going to take a walk down memory lane to Coney Island in Brooklyn as I desperately cling to the last few memories of my #NYC2015 holiday, so why not join me?
Coney Island feels like where 90% of first dates happen for New Yorkers in the summer. They have a permanent outdoor funfair, complete with rollercoaster and carousels, a pedestrianised boardwalk that is adjacent to Brighton Beach, and a pier that you can walk on admiring the view and listen to the waves crashing. For the time I was out there, it was only open on one of the days, so we hoped onto a subway train for 45minutes to find out what Coney Island was all about.

Coney Island Brooklyn New York boardwalk

Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park

The amusement park with all the rollercoasters are housed in an area known as Luna Park which has free entry and requires a card you obtain at the number of ticket booths that you top up with credits to enjoy the attractions. Luna Park was decorated in all things Halloween when we visited so there were pumpkins, scarecrows and skeletons galore. There was also trick and treating going on - my first taste of Halloween candy!

There was Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"...

Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park

And a scarecrow or two
Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park

Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park

After wandering through the park, we decided to go on the Wonder Wheel - a huge Ferris wheel attraction so we could enjoy the park from a different angle

Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park Wonder Wheel

So many different colours and amusements
Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park Wonder Wheel

Time to find some refreshment, and we found it in the form of a mango stroke flower. I love my dad's confused/disapproving look at my older siblings at this! I think my older siblings were really hungry??

But we couldn't leave Coney Island without having going on Cyclone - the famous rollercoaster! I love roller coasters and it's a love that I don't particularly share with any members of my family who are terrified of them thanks to Thorpe Park. However Cyclone is somewhat of a legendary roller coaster - it even has its own Wikipedia page and is listed as a New York landmark! I managed to convince my sister to play on it with me.. I ended up having a great time, the less can be said for her!

Coney Island Brooklyn New York Luna Park Cyclone Rollercoaster

After all that, it was time to head to Brighton Beach. Yup, even New York has a Brighton Beach - only they have the upper hand of it being a sandy beach unlike the pebbly version us Londoners are so used to. As the clouds cleared way for blue skies and sunshine, it was time for a paddle with my sister - if anything, to calm her nerves after Cyclone!

(I think my sister is still in a scared/shock mode from Cyclone..)

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