Sunday, 4 October 2015

Travel | New York City | Bucket List

Hello world, I have some very exciting news to share with you! If you don't already follow me on twitter (@londongirldiana), I am currently in the Big Apple, none other than New York City! It's a bit of a last minute trip with the family, having only booked it around a month ago, but I can now finally cross off another country on my list, another city and a stamp in my new passport. Life is so good right now. Here is my bucket list for #NYC2015 ~


  • Visit the American Natural History Museum: I used to work in London's NHM so would love to compare the two. Plus this one is featured in Night at the Museum so that in itself warrants a visit
  • Visit Metropolitan Museum of Art/Museum of Modern Art/Guggenheim: So many art galleries to visit, so little time.. Must remember to take a photo on the Met steps a la Blair Waldorf
  • Empire State Building: 'Nuff said
  • Macy's/Century 21/Bloomingdales/Sephora: So many shops, so little money.. *insert crying emoji here*
  • Ride the Metro/subway system: This will be easy enough - already done it! Even saw a rat or five *shudders*
  • Ride in a yellow cab: My sister was disappointed when she saw this - apparently they're not as bright yellow as she envisaged
  • Coney Island: And ride that rollercoaster
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Liberty Island and the Staten Island Ferry: And Ellis Island if time allows
  • Hotel Empire: Chuck Bass may not be real, but the hotel does! And I've heard they do a mean Chuck Bass cocktail
  • Central Park: The "Alice in Wonderland" statue, the boating lake, the Imagine and John Lennon Strawberry Fields tribute, the bridge where Blair feeds the ducks... 
  • Fifth Avenue: Breakfast outside Tiffany's, gaze at everything that I cannot afford
  • Times Square: Get lost in the business of Times Square, look at the billboards and be amazed
  • Grand Central Station: Have oysters and play the Whispering Corners
  • New York Public Library: Because why not? And I've heard the reading rooms are amazing


  • Kat'z Deli: I've heard so many things about this place that it's going to be my first meal in New York
  • McDonald's: Judge me all you want, but I always eat at the Golden Arches in every new country I visit. It's always different everywhere you go. Plus its super budget eats!
  • Grand Central Station Oyster Bar: Briefly mentioned above but heard it's a pretty good darn place to go. Plus I get to people watch at the same time :)
  • Nathan's: Planning this during Coney Island as heard this is THE place to go for hot dogs
  • Dominique Ansel's Bakery: Yes, going to succumb into all the hype surrounding cronuts! #SorryNotSorry
  • Magnolia Cupcakes: Sex and the City girls were onto something when they decided to have red velvet cupcakes here
  • Black Seed Bagel: Apparently this is the place to go for a bagel
  • Tick Tock Diner: This was from Corrie's blog post on NYC. She had me at pancakes as big as your head. Or was it brownies? Either way, it's on the list
There are probably SO many places I have completely missed off the list so if you have any recommendations, please pop them in the comments! New York is my home for the next 7 days - gotta make the most of it while I'm out here!

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