Thursday, 19 November 2015

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On a wet but not so cold Saturday, I really wanted to visit Tower of London for my birthday but because of the weather, I didn't particular want to spend part of the day outside, and I knew Tower of London has a courtyard or some open space where the Yeoman Guards and ravens are so decided to go with Plan B. Only I didn't have a Plan B. I took to Google, and searched "places to go in London on a rainy day". One click led to another and before I knew it, I was reading an article about a temporary food exhibition near Borough Market called British Museum of Food.
I was planning to be around Borough Market so for the British Museum of Food (BMOF) to be near by was perfect. It's a temporary exhibition until January 2016 and is the brainchild of Bompass and Parr who wants to bring information and the delight of food to London - good on you guys! 
Everyone needs to eat in order to survive but never before has some a tribute or acknowledgement to the amazing world of food has been showcased before - something I found incredible. Devoted to the history, the evolution, the process, the science, the art and the sociology of this amazing sensation, the exhibition promises to enlighten you about food in these areas through a number of exhibits. 
From massage chairs in the Be the Bolus - the Peristalsis Experience that makes you feel as if you're a piece of food travelling down the alimentary canal  and understand the intense peristaltic motions that is associated with digestion, to entering The Butterfly Effect - a room full of butterflies to understand the importance of these unsung heroes who help pollinatecrops all the way through to seeing The British Menu Archive displaying British menus of times gone by as a nod to society and see how our tastebuds have changed over the years, the exhibition was incredible to visit. Even just walking up the staircase is another exhibition - Atelier of Flavour -which showcases food as art. Simply incredible. 
One of the perhaps more interesting exhibits was the chocolate room named Choco-Phonica. You get to be a part of an ongoing scientific research where the vision is to have over ten thousand survey responses to understand the relationship between sounds and taste. I don't want to share much more because I don't want to influence your decision and compromise the study but it's pretty interesting! 
I think Andrew found a friend in The Butterfly Effect

Chicken shop menu featured in The British Menu Archive! 

Some of my favourite pictures is the breakfast made out of balloons on the right, and the knitted breakfast of the left

Prison Menu 

Tickets are super cheap at £5 for adults (£4 for children) and in a great location, so visit before it finishes in January 2016! Details below:
Location: 1 Cathedral Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9DE (I found this quite hard to find, so do ask for directions!)
Opening Hours: Wed-Fri: 12pm-6pm, Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 10am-5pm (it does get busy on weekends!)
Twitter/Instagram: @BMOF_London
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