Sunday, 8 November 2015

Life | Fireworks Night 2015 | #batterseaparkfireworks

It's the eleventh month of the year and November to me is synonymous with fireworks. November being my birthday month (I'm turning 27 in less than a week - eek!), I have always found fireworks that much more special. They're relatively rare to find in London with the main displays around Guy Fawkes' Night and New Year's Eve so when I borrowed the other half's American Express card, before you could say bonfire, the two of us were heading to watch the #batterseaparkfireworks
The theme this year was regal or royalty to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest serving monarch in the UK - yup, she pushed Queen Victoria off her throne as of 9th September 2015 - so to accompany the display of pyrotechnics, background music with a royal theme blared out from the number of loudspeaker on display. Music from ABBA's Dancing Queen to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now all the way through to Lorde's Royal, the tunes made it an incredibly entertaining show to watch.

In nearly four years of dating the Mr, we have never gone to see fireworks live together - I know! This year's was the first time so of course I took a whole bunch of photos :)

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