Tuesday, 29 December 2015

An Afternoon in Brixton | Photo Diary

I have lived in London for practically my entire life and I am constantly reminded just how much of this incredible city I have never explored. Having lived and grown up north of the river for the greater part of my life, I rarely found myself in south (SARRFFF!!) London other than the rare occasion. I heard plenty things about south London namely Brixton and here's what I got up in the area.
Brixton. Peckham. Deptford. Known mainly for their gang related crimes and their high Afro-Caribbean ethnic centric areas, Brixton has cleaned itself up in recent years. From the O2 academy to the windmill, the London soul food town for jerk chicken with rice and peas, the Brixton Village and its market, walking around this part of town is a feast for both sights and sound.

Found some incredible street graffiti on a closed shop shutter

Greengrocers on the left, fishmongers on the right

Love all the flags of the world.. can you see your country's?

Cute red bicycle propped up against a door. Don't think it's going anywhere soon though..

Homeware market stall selling knicks and knacks

Time for a refreshing drink at Okon. Elderflower with fresh ginger and mint, or apple juice and elderflower anyone?

Aubergine starter to nibble on

Okonomiyaki anyone? Kimchi, prawns, beef and sweetcorn :) 

But I couldn't leave Brixton without sampling some of their jerk chicken so headed off to Fish, Wings and Tings

Who sells bottles of their home made sauce if you're tickled by them

Got a fruit punch and a ting to drink.. The ting tastes a bit like Lilt - anyone remembers that drink?

Gotta order the chicken wings! Not keen on the mango chutney thing they had going on here..

The cod fritters were full on yum

Andddd the jerk chicken, rice and coleslaw!! Not the greatest meal we've ever had but hey, I've eaten jerk chicken in Brixton! Do you know any decent places that does jerk in Brixton? Let me know please!!

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