Monday, 28 December 2015

The Bloggers Hangout Christmas Food Fest

Being relatively new to the blogging world, I'm constantly on the hunt for bloggers event and how to connect with other like minded bloggers with twitter being one of my favourite sources. In turn, I have discovered The Bloggers Hangout which I love showcasing products for bloggers, hosting giveaways and twitter chats as well as planning events. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Christmas Food Festival event in Shoreditch at the beginning of December, and here's a preview of what I got up to.
I got there a little early so my friend and I headed into Costa for a quick early evening pick up complete with white hot chocolate and muffins. Don't they look yummy?

We got there and were one of the first to arrive which meant I could take pictures of the event *thumbs up* First thing I noticed was this antique looking wooden table completely laden with goodies and a familiar sign that meant I was in the right place 

Paper lanterns and Christmas tree that sparkles 

Found this gorgeous cat inside the event. No idea who he/she belongs to but he/she was resting on the large couch when I walked in. Obviously sat on the other end of it, but once it was done cleaning himself, he strolled over to me and sat quite happily in my lap for a few minutes...

Long enough for me to take a selfie with him!

Right, let me get onto the actual brands that were at the event. Here's some of the brands that I really enjoyed speaking to and trying their products on the night:

Jim Jams: Who doesn't like nutella or any sort of chocolate spread? With less sugar but still retaining a great taste, Jim Jams chocolate spreads are perfect for putting on toast, dipping crudités in, or just eating straight out the jar! I love the blue and white stripe packaging - it actually looks like PJs, like the kind Bananas in Pyjamas used to wear haha!

Jools Drinks: The representative at the Jools Drinks counter said "bubble tea" and to be frank, that was all I needed to hear! I love bubble tea and cannot walk into or past Chinatown without picking one up from my favourite bubble tea store! I know these aren't going to be your authentic Taiwanese/Asian bubble tea but I'm willing to give them a try! They come in a fun bottle packaging complete with straw and as the product is tea, packed full of antioxidants too. I love tea *insert heart eyed emoji here*

Berrywhite Drinks: These organic drinks comes in four exciting flavours such as cranberry and guava, lemon and ginger, peach and goji berry and pomegranate and blueberry and in a still or sparkling version. I love the no added sugar and the inclusion of super fruits plus their handy cans or bottles means I'm more likely to pick one of these up over a bottle of Coca Cola next time 

Wow Chia: One of my favourite brands of the night. We've all heard of chia seeds being a huge superfood and Wow Chia have incorporated them into their cold pressed juices. Not only are they healthy but thanks to flavours such as watermelon and pomegranate, pineapple and lemon and my personal favourite, orange and mango, they are all super tasty and perfect as a morning pick me up

Frill Frozen Yoghurt: Frozen Yoghurt or Fro-Yos have been around for some time and I first started loving them when my friend introduced me to SNOG a while ago. Coming in super cute mini tubs akin to Haagen-Daaz ice cream sold during theatre intervals, these fro-yos have five different flavours to choose from, ranging from intense chocolate, fresh strawberry and bursting berries. Me being me with my inquisitive nature and all had to choose the refreshing green flavour - complete with ingredients including spinach, basil and avocado!

So those were some of my favourite brands at the event with the products I enjoyed a lot on the night. There were so much more happening on the night with curries being made, chocolate samples and even a cider stand! Here's me with a Christmas jumper on the night. And yes, I'm rocking a bag for life to store all the goodies in! 

I had a great time at the Bloggers Hangout Christmas Food Fest and it looks like everybody else did too! Thank you so much to Bloggers Hangout for inviting me, as well as all the event representatives who supplied me with products to take home and try! It was a fantastic event for my first ever bloggers event and amazing to meet so many like minded individuals in the same room.
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