Thursday, 3 December 2015

Travel | Top 6 Places in New York worth visiting

By now you're probably sick of all the #NYC2015 posts that have appeared on my blog as of late, but I couldn't end the "series" without summarising a list of my all time favourite experiences of the Big Apple. This is my list of places I would visit again in a heart beat if I  had the opportunity to step foot back in Manhattan again. I think this list is also quite a good list for a first timer to Manhattan as they are easily accessible and on most people's bucket list for the city.

1. Top of the Rock

So many people advised me to go up the Empire State Building instead of the Rockefeller, but I am so glad I ignored their advice and went with my gut! Top of the Rock was such an incredible experience for myself from only waiting 20m from buying tickets on the door to going up the elevator, the first view of Central Park at the top, the bright blue cloudless skies, the incredible amount of selfies we took - ah, it was such an amazing experience. For USD25, it's worth going up and highly recommend it wholeheartedly. Plus, you get the view of the Empire State Building included

2. American Natural History Museum

This is where I should admit that I'm secretly a nerd. This was probably my favourite museum in New York that I visited and would go in a hundred times more. The suggested entry price is USD25 which I initially thought was far too expensive to enter a museum - in London, museum entry prices are free! - so we got in for a dollar each. It is possible - just go up to the counter to do so. By the time I finished the museum, I would easily pay double that and felt so ashamed paying such a small amount to get in! It's an incredible museum filled from top to bottom with a variety of artefacts, a whole lot bigger than London's and you can easily spend half a day here. Perfect for families, couples and solo travellers - definitely worth a visit if you like London's NHM.

3. Central Park

Okay, I'll admit freely that the main reason I wanted to go here was because Blair got married inside, and she fed the ducks here! Before I visited Central Park, I saw it as a massive Hyde Park and didn't quite get the big deal. But woah, once you take a stroll through this oasis of amazingness, you'll stumble upon Strawberry Fields, the boating lake, and the Alice in Wonderland statue. Just be careful for the serious cyclists and runners that frequent the park!

4. Chinatown

Me being Chinese and a lover of Hong Kong felt such at home in NYC's Chinatown. Again so much bigger than London's, the Chinatown in NYC is filled to the brim with shops and restaurants surrounding yourself with incredible sights, sounds and smells. There's a bubble tea shop on every corner, restaurants advertising their dim sum delicacies and everything else in between. Loved this place and reminded me so much of home in Hong Kong.

5. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan Skyline

Ah the iconic landmarks of New York and the tourist must-dos: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and viewing the Manhattan Skyline from the boat. Luckily enough, it's something you can do all in one go and are super popular so they pretty run each day. Definitely something worth visiting and spending the time to check out.

6. Brooklyn Bridge

Perhaps one of my most favourite walks in New York was the walk down the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It's completely pedestrianised with the odd bicycle shooting down the bridge,  and filled with both locals and tourists alike. You can pass the time by reading the graffiti on the bridge or simply admiring the view.

Have you visited New York? 
What were your favourite experiences and things to do in NYC?

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