Sunday, 31 January 2016

Drugstore Haul January 2016

Every time I find myself walking past Boots or Superdrug, I cannot help but wander in. Lured by the bright lights and beauty essentials inside, I find myself walking over its threshold convinced there are multiple products I need stocking up on or testing out. This time I walked into Boots and ASDA for a mini drugstore haul and this is what I picked up.

This haul is more of a skincare haul as I've just realised I did not pick up a solitary cosmetic item - Diana, I am slightly impressed with yourself!

First up is pretty basic: shampoo/conditioner. Since I haven't moved in with the other half and constantly to-ing and fro-ing from his place, I have to double up on nearly all the essentials and it was time to stock up on the oh so glamourous shampoo and conditioner duo. I have coloured hair (my true hair colour is jet black) but the 21st century Asian in me has an obsession to colour it lighter and lighter, the most recent time in October during my visit to New York, in their Chinatown no less! I'm normally a true to brand lover of L'Oreal, but I also really enjoy Garnier's Ultimate Blends The colour illuminator which is their choice for coloured hair thanks to their cranberry argan oil infusion - it makes washing my hair a pleasure rather than a chore!

My skin has been playing up thanks to the beautiful combination that is January and London. It has been feel drier than normal no matter how much water I drink so a face mask of sorts is much needed. I spied these Montagne Jeunesse single packets which is great for keeping at his for one off treatments. Does anyone remember these from the 90s? I used to love these haha - especially the peel off ones where I get to feel like I'm peeling off a second skin, so naturally I picked up these!

Not sure about you, but lately my muscles have felt more achy than normal. I rarely have baths opting for the more eco-friendly and time efficient showers but sometimes a bath is just what the doctor ordered! Every time I feel a little tired and weary, Radox muscle soak is my bath soak of choice. The sage and sea minerals lets me forget about my muscle pains for a bit, while the cheap and cheerful price tag (it's normally available for less than £1) is not too bad either. 

Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I make sure to not miss the beauty aisle to see what's on offer and ASDA has their own beauty range called nspa. I remember reading a few reviews online and generally were quite good so with the 2 for £7 price tag, I decided to pick up their Ultra-Hydrate Cream and Skin Glow Mud Mask with were £6 each, so practically buy one get one free! I'm a bit excited to use this mainly the mud mask because it's got charcoal - and well, I'm basically a magpie to anything that combines charcoal and skincare!

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  1. The NSPA stuff is so affordable. I have heard so much good things about the range. let me know how you find the mud mask, that looks interesting.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  2. Yeah same here, can't believe the offer, it's so good! Will look to do a review on the mud mask and will certainly let you know when it's up

    Diana xx

  3. Hahaha yes I totally remember those masks I loved the peel ones soooo satisfying lol. Ooh those npa products sound interesting especally the glow mud mask:-) Rosie x


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