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Episode A: All About Andrew

I've had my blog for coming up to 2 years and time sure does fly. My first post when I decided to start writing on a more regular basis was back in May 2014 after my first holiday overseas to Barcelona, Spain with my other half. Since then, he's featured in more than a couple posts so for today's A episode I'm going to turn the spotlight on the guy who I've referred to as my OH, the boy, and Mr LGD - Andrew. 
Before I start, I must give all credit back to a blogger friend Michelle. I've been a follower of her blog for at least six months and love that she's another Chinese blogger. She started the mini series concept of following the alphabet A-Z to help her readers understand and know who she is - which is great because we all love finding out the face behind the blog!

One of the Spanish holidays we went on together
So back to Andrew.

Andrew and I have been together for what feels like forever but is actually something like over 3 years but less than 4? I never remember the anniversary date but ask Andrew and he'll tell you in a heartbeat. He's a bit strange like that! The title photo is one from our early days and could quite possibly be the first photo of us two together.

Now this post may come as a bit of a surprise for my close friends. I've been given the title of "most awful girlfriend" on too many an occasion and for reasons that conveniently elude me. But let me continue and explain where we began and where we currently stand. 

We met at work back in 2012 when I had just started a new role and he had been there for a couple of years. All I was focusing on was doing well at my job. He obviously had other plans haha! Our first date happened because I actually asked him out - the first Avengers movie was out at the time and all my friends had seen it and subsequently recommended it but didn't want to watch it again. So... I asked Andrew as a last resort haha! We watched it in O2 Greenwich and had Nandos after (classic) where I paid because I insisted this wasn't a date! Ha! Shame on me!! The next time we hanged out was to watch The Dictator with Sacha Baron Cohen. I have to add here that the fact I even went to the cinema is a major thing. I'm not a fan of the cinema for various reasons and can't even remember the last film I watched. 

I was still against the idea of dating him after two cinema "dates" that I gave him only 3 months and that would be it. 3 months later, we met for McDonald's breakfast (it's by far the best menu they have!), he paid, and then gave me a letter as to why he still wanted to keep dating me saying those three little words. I agreed to keep seeing each other for another 3 months. 3 months turned into 6 months. 6 months turning into 1 year. And 1 year turned into the nearly four years where we are today. 

I am so glad I gave him another shot! 

Pre-glasses Andrew days

Macau 2014
Since we've been together, we've gone to Paris for Valentine's Day, Barcelona (2013), Hong Kong and Macau (2014) - and Santa Susanna, Costa Brava, Spain (2014). Even though we now work in separate offices and we do not (and never have) lived together, we've explored London together visiting museums and exhibitions. He's held my hair back when I'm chugging it up in the toilet after having one drink too many. He picks his phone up no matter what time of day or night it is. He lets me sleep in on the weekend and does not push me out of bed. He'll do my laundry, the cleaning and the cooking whenever I'm over at his. Oh- and did I mention that my family prefers him more than me? He's a good egg. 

We've enjoyed spending time together in each other's company. I know he'll always be there for me no matter what and truly loves me. 

For what it's worth Andrew, I love you and here's to many more years together. *insert that emoji sending a kiss*

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  1. Aw Diana! This was so lovely to read! Oddly enough I have a tough time expressing my feelings and all that with loved ones too, people find it so strange considering I talk about every little thing under the sun on my blog! x

    1. Thanks Mish for such a lovely comment :) It was surprisingly easy to write this post, love it when I get inspired and readers like reading them equally :)

  2. I looooved that post, he sounds like a keeper much like my boyf:-) love the nandos bit haha:-) Rosie xx


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