Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury | Penelope Pink | Lipstick Review

Ahhhh!! I have finally found it!!!

Having visited House of Tilbury a few months ago, I couldn't help myself but pick up something to walk away with. I knew I had picked up a lipstick but I couldn't remember which, and I always thought it was either Hepburn Honey or Bitch Perfect because I was toying with either one in the store. However, I couldn't find out which one I actually ended up buying purely because I blooming went and lost it! But having a rummage through my handbags the other day because I was looking for my camera, I indadvertedly found the lipstick. Turns out it was neither of the two - it was actually Penelope Pink.
If you have been reading my constant lipstick reviews, you'll realise that my favourite type of lipstick shade wise is a muted pink. So its hardly a surprise in hindsight that I eventually shelled out all of £23 to pick up Penelope Pink which is exactly that. It's not massively pink and falls more into the nude shades with a slightly brown/pink tone to it which makes it flattering for light to medium skin tones. On me, it's a MLBB kinda shade which makes this a great everyday lippie for moi.

Can we also pause a minute to talk about the packaging while I'm harping on about CT's lipstick? As with pretty much everything Charlotte Tilbury has make up wise, the packaging is on point. This lipstick, and each of the others in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range comes in a (rather weighty) rose gold packaging with a ribbed barrel. There's definitely something lustrous about this with the initials of Charlotte embossed on the lid. Rose gold is so in - Charlotte totally nailed it with this one.

Okay - back to the actual product and content inside the oh so beautiful rose goldness.. the lipstick itself goes on creamy and buttery, but not so creamy that it feels like it's going to slide off in five minutes. There's a slight vanilla scent to it which I personally rather like, and it feels more moisturising than drying on the lips. I think it looks like it could work perfectly with Pillow Talk but I can't justify spending £16 on a lip liner no matter how good it's meant to be.

All in all, I am so glad I found this lipstick. It's becoming a regular staple in my go to make up bag and I feel so glamorous swiping on Charlotte Tilbury.

Now where is that blooming camera I was looking for earlier?

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Lipstick packaging

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Lipstick packaging

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Lipstick packaging

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Lipstick packaging
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