Thursday, 4 February 2016

Jerk Chicken | Turtle Bay | Southampton

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I try to eat what is famous for that local area. Cornish pasties in Cornwall. Macaroons in France. Haggis in Scotland. On my recent getaway to Southampton, I quickly learnt that Soton doesn't really have an iconic food item and with no pier and therefore no seafood, we decided to pop into a fun looking restaurant called Turtle Bay.
Turtle Bay can be found near to the coach station making it great spot for lunch before catching our 3pm bus back to London. It was a choice between Stables (home to over 200 ciders) or Turtle Bay and partly thanks to the dreary weather, we opted for an injection of Caribbean and jerk chicken. 

We walked into Turtle Bay (inside note: the entrance seems to be through the outdoor seating area, and not from the sidewalk where we stood like lollipops for about ten minutes!) and as we arrived super early just after opening time on a Monday, the restaurant was practically empty which was great as we could choose where we sat. There's a mixture of different seatings from near the bar on high stools, to towards the back on normal chairs or up a few steps to a cute little area made out to be like a nice shack style which is where we opted. 

There's an extensive drink selection and we opted for soft drinks. Andrew chose the peanut butter and banana smoothy (smooth peanut butter, fresh banana, condensed milk and cream), and after remembering he's partly lactose intolerant, I got the passion fruit cooler (fresh passion fruit, orange and ice) that came with a whopping half of a fresh passion fruit on top!

We were super hungry so we ordered starters and a main to share, and asked for it to come altogether. For starters, we opted for jerk chicken wings and jerk ribs, and for mains we chose the whole jerk chicken to share with rice, sweet potato mash and sweet potato fries on the side - because who doesn't love sweet potato? 

Jerk chicken wings starter 
Personally not a fan of the jerk ribs but it was interesting to eat jerk that wasn't chicken!
Jerk Ribs starter 

Sweet potato mash was buttery and yummy, a bit lumpy but soft enough for you to fork it into mash if you prefer it to be smoother

You know the food is gonna be good if they have this as one of their condiments! 
Such a pretty interior with fairy lights, colourful chairs and all!

According to the website, Turtle Bay is part of a network of restaurant up and down the country from Birmingham to Bristol, Leeds to Leamington Spa and various other places in between. It's even in Brixton, because of course with jerk chicken, but last time I visited Brixton I couldn't find it so will have a hunt for it next time. If you want to find one near you, then you can check out their website HERE and enjoy the jerk chicken experience too.
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