Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Travel Guide: 40 hours in Copenhagen, Denmark (Part 1)

When I booked a weekend away to visit Copenhagen for the first time, I didn't quite realise how short a weekend actually is. I mean, I calculated that I had all of about 40 hours to cram everything I wanted to see in the Danish capital purely because I didn't want to use any of my precious annual leave days! Worked owed me a few hours from here and there which meant I booked myself onto a 4pm flight out of London Gatwick but it also meant that I had to be back at work for Monday morning so I was on a 10am flight out of Copenhagen Sunday morning. Here's what I got up to...

Friday 2pm: 
Arrived London Gatwick for my 4pm flight to Copenhagen, Denmark! Copenhagen is only a 90 minute flight or so - perfect for watching a pre downloaded movie, reading a few chapters of a book or stay crazy excited during the flight until it lands (which I totally did!)

Friday 8pm (Copenhagen time)
Arrived Copenhagen airport and was supposed to take the escalator downstairs to exit the airport. Curious little me realised that the duty free section normally accessible on entry i.e. before a flight meant that I wandered around this to see what was on offer =)  before heading to the actual exit. We picked up a tourist ticket, which is a piece of paper allowing us to travel over Zones 1 to 3 Copenhagen (basically airport to city centre, and in and around city centre) for 24 hours. 

Friday 9pm: 
We then realised we were STARVINGGGGG. We also quickly learnt that the Danish don't like staying open late on a Friday evening which meant there was little choice of what to eat when we landed. Hmm.. problem... especially as Mr hadn't eaten until earlier that morning. We settled on a hot dog (out of all things!) and welcomed our arrival into Copenhagen with a Carlsberg Sport drink (non alcholic and tasted a little like lemonade mixed with lime, but not quite 7UP)

We eventually found our way to Copenhagen Central Station and walked the ten minutes or so it took to find our hotel - Wake Up Copenhagen (Carsten Niebuhrs Gade). I purposely chose a hotel that was in city centre, relatively cheap and easy to get to late at night from the airport, and this one pretty much fitted the bill. It was modern and the rooms were small, but considering we were in Copenhagen for such a short period of time and we were mainly sight seeing, it didn't bother me too much. 

By this time, it was probably 10pm or 11pm, and we knew the day after was going to be a pretty full on day so it was time to take a shower and head straight to bed.

Want to find out what we got up to in Copenhagen? Keep on reading with Part 2

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