Friday, 11 March 2016

I'm Off To ... Copenhagen, Denmark!

By the time you're reading this, I'll either be doing one of three things: 1) In duty free spending frivolously or frugally depending on how I feel, 2) waiting for my plane or 3) actually be mid-air headed towards Copenhagen, Denmark!

It's a bit of a random weekend getaway, heading straight after work and coming back in time for Sunday lunchtime - I think I've calculated I'll be there for around 40 hours or so! I had such an overwhelming feeling of wanderlust (damn you travel category on bloglovin'!) that I found myself quickly tapping away online looking for a cheap weekend deal. I love the feeling when you're on a plane, the engines start roaring up and it takes up leaving a lurch in your stomach - similar to the feeling when you're sat at the peak of a rollercoaster about to drop all the way down. So it only meant that I would find myself on a plane soon!

A few friends had been Copenhagen before and enjoyed there time visiting. I have a personal mission with myself to visit as many capital cities as I can, and to travel to a new country each year thanks to a New Year's Resolution I've kept from about five or six years ago. If anything, I'm personally impressed I've actually kept it up.

Flights were around £50 per person and accommodation turned out to be around £80 pppn - not bad considering I'm about ten minutes walk away from Københavns Hovedbanegård. If, like me, you're not fluent in Danish and still don't understand what it means when it's abbreviated down to København H, it means Copenhagen Central Station. Did you know the station has a direct train to Malmo, Sweden?! For a similar amount of time you can travel from London to Brighton, you can get a train from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden.. you can get to a whole new country! How incredible is that??

Because I'm only there for a short period of time, I've vaguely researched what I want to see including...

Yes I know it's really naff, and so many people have dissuaded me from visiting it, but visiting the Little Mermaid statue even if it's for a photo opportunity and say I've done it. It's so iconic Copenhagen and Denmark, I feel it's got to be done. And still yes, even though I know the original story is practically polar opposite to the Disney version.

Partly because you can climb to the top and get an incredible view of the city, (and I love doing stuff like that), and also mainly because from what I've read online, it's free means that a visit to Christiansborg Palace is definitely on the cards. Why the heck not! Also, again from what I've read online, it looks like it's a ride in the elevator up... none of the knee shaking-cracking-agonising feat so commonly associated with high views.

Just so I can see them pretty colourful buildings on the waterfront, and snap some photos means I want to make sure I visit Nyhaven. Fingers crossed the weather will be on my side. The top picture is of Nyhaven - see what I mean now? (credit)

A bunch of people decided to take over an abandoned military base and basically made it there own. The result? Christensen Free Town was born: a hippie-esque vibe, colourful graffiti, and something worth walking around. No cameras though which sucks =(

Have a smorgasbord or two. Well, while in Denmark, might as well eat how to Danish eat. Also, nibble on a Danish cookie while I'm there =)

Stroll down Strøget, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. I think it actually holds claim to the longest shopping street in Northern Europe (the longest in Europe goes to Bordeaux?) so sounds like a great thing to stroll down and window shop admiring Scandinavian design.

If there's a park that sounds worth visiting, Superkilen Park sounds just that. Divided into three colour zones (red, black and green) it's filled with random objects from all over the world. A boxing ring from Thailand. Some picnic tables from Armenia. A fountain from Morocco. A FOUNTAIN!

Clearly, there's a *lot* I want to see and I'm a little worried how I'm going to cram it all in with 40 hours!

Also, this post is probably riddled with lies and whatnot so if I am wrong, please do correct me!

One last thing (if you've managed to get this far), I'll be updating my travels with #CPH2016 on my social media (links all below) and hopefully vlogging the journey too, so feel free to tweet, email or connect with me while I'm out in Copenhagen!

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