Friday, 22 April 2016

I'm Off To ... Dublin! (and my little bucket list)

I'm off to ... Dublin!

I'm finally going to check off Dublin from my never ending bucket and travel list!

It's been on my list for what feels like aeons and I'm off there on a day trip on Saturday. Yes you read that right.. a day trip. Luckily, I'm going with an amazing friend of mine who's been there a couple of times and know where to go and what to do, so I'm packing my camera and never losing sight of her while on the Emerald Isle.
Naturally, there's a whole pile of things I want to see, do and eat while I'm heading off to the Irish capital city including...

  • The Guinness Factory

Come on now - what trip to Dublin would be complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse? I'm not a fan of the black stuff but I'm reverting to full tourist mode with this one. It's probably the first thing on our list literally - our plan is to head straight from the airport to here. I promise we're not alcoholics!

  • Trinity College Dublin and it's Library

Wow... just look at it. How incredible does this look? Inner nerd is coming out here and man, oh man - I need to visit this library. Probably will be the most incredible library I'll have every walked in (New York - your library was disappointing). I could probably spend alll day here but seeing as I don't have the time I most likely won't. Shame though.   

  • Book of Kells

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Having gone to a Catholic girls school for most of my education, the Catholic faith is still pretty strong in me so knowing there's an incredible illustrated manuscript of the New Testament Gospels scribed up in one of my favourite languages is something that's making this list. Yes, I love the Latin language ^_^

  • St. Stephen's Green

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Fingers crossed that the weather is bright and sunny for us because that means a walk around St Stephen's Green would be on our cards. Apparently Dublin's favourite city park, I'm sure this is worth a visit! Also, must remember to bring some bread to feed the ducks.

  • Have some Irish Stew

One of my university flatmates in my final year was Irish and most weekends, there would be this massive pot bubbling away on our cooker filled with Irish Stew. It was yummy and filled us up but not very much so a pretty perfect student meal. Guess it's high time to try it again but this time in Ireland :)

  • and some Irish Coffee

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One of my earliest memories of Irish Coffee is at a summer party my local church held, and I was not allowed to have some Irish Coffee. I never understood why and no one would tell me ... until I realised there's the inclusion of whiskey inside it! I'm personally not a fan of whiskey (unless mixed with green tea.. so Chinese haha!) but while in Ireland...!

Any more recommendations for what to see/do/eat in Dublin? Super excited for this trip to Dublin - have you ever been? 

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